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Full Day Snorkeling

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No two snorkel sites are the same and in Bali we have a real choice of sites from the awesome USAT Liberty wreck at Tulamben, home to so many fish and creatures, to the crystal clear waters and excellent corals around Nusa Penida, then there is the beautiful Blue Lagoon and Menjangan Island to name just a few!

Are you a first timer or experienced snorkeler? Either way you are going to be impressed with the sheer diversity of marine life, the vibrant colours, wonderful warm waters and healthy corals to be found around Bali.

Choose from a boat trip to Nusa Penida , Blue Lagoon or Padang Bai or join one of our daily snorkel trips to Tulamben or Amed where you can just walk into the ocean from the shore and quickly find loads to see.

Our experienced snorkel guides will show you many strange creatures, so just relax and observe the behaviour of the amazing marine life that Bali has to offer.

Tulamben Snorkeling

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Walking in to the ocean from the beach at Tulamben you have two great choices, left or right

Take the route to the left and in a very short time our snorkel guide will be pointing out the world famous USAT Liberty shipwreck. This really is a unique site where you can look 3 meters down and see substantial remains of the wreck that has been in the water for over 50 years.

No snorkeler can fail to be impressed by the schooling jackfish that make the wreck home. Watching the fish swim in a huge circle that moves backwards and forward over the wreck is pretty awesome and a great photo opportunity

You will also see the great barrel sponges, sea fans and hard and soft corals that have attached themselves to the wreck and provide shelter for an incredible variety of vibrantly coloured tropical fish

Lunch is taken in a local restaurant with views of Mount Agung, and also over Tulamben Bay.

After lunch, take a short walk back to the beach and this time take a turn to the right into Coral Garden where the shallow waters are home to large numbers of ‘Nemo’ (anemone fish) as well as ribbon eels, parrot fish, angel fish, blue spotted rays and the occasional white tip reef shark!

Nusa Penida Snorkeling

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Some of the best snorkeling in Bali is to be found around the 3 islands that make up Nusa Penida.

Our boat leaves Sanur Harbour daily for the 45 minute journey to the islands and our friendly and experienced snorkel guides will delight in showing you all that is on offer, from healthy corals in crystal clear waters to unforgettable encounters with magnificent Manta rays

We can promise a huge abundance of brightly coloured fish and marine life as there are few places on the planet with such incredible biodiversity

We will visit 3 separate sites during your day trip so that you get to see different environments. We usually finish with a gentle, relaxing drift letting the current do the work of carrying you over pristine corals teeming with fish.

We will have lunch on the boat so be ready to relax and just enjoy the stunning coastline or if you cannot resist, grab your snorkel gear and jump in again

The visibility around theses snorkel sites ranges from 10 meters to over 30 meters at times so you will never be short of things to see

There is tea, coffee, water and freshly laundered towels to make your day more comfortable and enjoyable. We will also serve fresh fruit after your last time in the water.

All in all a great day that we hope you will want to repeat

Amed Snorkeling

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As soon as you turn off the main road towards the delightful fishing village of Amed, you will feel that extra level of relaxation

Amed is a small village clustered around a single road that circles the sheltered bay. Our base is located right on the beach towards the middle of the bay, providing easy access and great views.

This calm bay has little in the way of current and the snorkeling sites are reached directly from the beach. Amed or Jemeluk Bay is home to yet more of the incredibly diverse marine life that makes Bali snorkeling a real treat.

Expect to find parrot fish, angel fish, bat fish, moorish idols, snappers and so much more. You may even be lucky enough to see a green turtle or a small reef shark.

When you are ready after the first snorkeling session, lunch will be taken in one of the beachfront restaurants. Time to relax and enjoy the scenic views across Jemeluk Bay

Back in the water to explore other sites with our experienced Divemasters who know just where the best places are to find loads of marine creatures.

End this day with a last look across this beautiful bay before a shower, change and return to Sanur

We hope you will love snorkeling in Amed as much as we do and will want to return

Padang Bai Snorkeling

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Blue Lagoon is many snorkelers favourite Bali snorkeling site, with its excellent corals, sitting on bright white sand. The clear waters, sandy bottom and bright light make this a very popular site for taking underwater photos.

Our bus makes the 50 minute journey along the east coast to the small town of Padang Bai, we then take a local Balinese boat out to enjoy two snorkeling sites that usually include Blue Lagoon.

As you have come to expect there is loads to see including angel fish, butterfly fish, parrot fish, lion fish and so much more. Do look out for cuttle fish that are often seen here hanging in the water. You may seem them changing colour to camouflage themselves or to warn off other creatures.

Enjoy lunch in a quaint restaurant back at the beach with the wonderful views of the east coast of Bali and the islands of Nusa Penida.

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