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Since day 1 at Blue Season Bali I’ve felt at home in the company and here on this great island of Bali. The time is flying by and I’ve been working as a marketing intern here for almost a month already. My arrival at the busy airport of Bali still feels like yesterday. I guess the saying “time flies when your having fun” really does apply when you have a great job and life around it. Working in a friendly team with people from all over the world, having flexible working hours, participating in different company activities and being able to join on dive/snorkeling trips every so often all make my job that much more enjoyable.

In this blog I want to share the experiences I encountered whilst joining my first boat trip to Padang Bai. The day before I went on this boat my boss surprised me by asking if I wanted to tag along the next day, without hesitation I replied ‘of course’. Before I knew it I was over at the dive center fitting fins and preparing my snorkeling gear for the next day. Even though I was born & raised on a Caribbean island and had lived there for 18 years, I never took the opportunity to get my diving certification (which I will be getting ASAP here in Bali), so on this trip I was the lonesome snorkeler amongst all the divers.


On Wednesday morning staff members and guests met up at the dive center at 07:00, after a short briefing we were on our way to Sanur beach in the nice air-conditioned bus. Blue season staff members had already loaded up all the dive gear on to the main boat so I didn’t even have to carry my own stuff! Because of the low tide this particular morning, we used a  “taxi” boat to take us to where our Blue Season Bali boat is moored. The boat trip to Padang Bai took roughly an hour; the ocean conditions in the morning were very glassy so it was all smooth sailing from Sanur to Padang Bai. Fiona, one of the diving interns, briefed me on what to expect during this trip and where to find everything on the boat. I’m usually not quite the morning person, however sitting on a boat chatting with guests and other interns whilst enjoying the beautiful scenery, which Bali has to offer, was quite the way to start the day!


In the past few months, while working in the the Menjangan, I have taught numerous DSDs, Open Water Course and Advanced Open Water Courses with people from around the world: Chinese, Russian, German, French, Australian, Kazakhstan, Syria are just some among many different nationalities.

English is the language in which we communicate between each other but, for most of the guests, including me; English is our second language which tends to create some really funny situations.

My most recent students were Russians. An incredible family from Siberia on their first holiday outside Russia. After 2 dives in the Discover Scuba Diving course at Menjangan Island, they signed up for their Open Water Course.  It has been an incredible adventure between the oldest daughter Nastia, who was the translator, the family and I. Let’s just say these translations created a lot of good laughs.

However, there were situations where language didn’t matter:

It's been a fabulous dive holiday - probably the best dive vacation you've taken to date. You’ve seen Manta rays, Mola-molas, Sea turtles, and the reefs are teeming with life. Plus, you only dived in a 3mm shortie throughout the trip! There's a dive this evening at 5:30 p.m., and you really wanted to have one last look at that enormous school of jacks out at Tulamben. But there is just one problem - You have a flight to catch tomorrow morning, and you don't want to risk having decompression illness because you flew too soon…Luckily, Besides the amazing dive spots and unique marine life to see in the underwater world of Bali there is also so much to do & see on this not-so-little island found in the Indonesian archipelago.

Conditions can be calm and glassy on one side of the island which is great for diving. But it may still mean the other side of the island has adrenaline pumping waves - which of course means that surf is up! There are also unique cultural shows, rafting and kayaking, elephant safari tours,  and not to mention lots & lots of great food!  If you want to know the top spots just check with your Divemaster or one of our interns! We will  be happy to share some secret spots with you (if you only promise not to tell everyone).

Read on to find out my top 3 picks on where to go…

Some may say that Bali is a paradise lost. It isn’t. It’s just evolved like the rest of the world.

If you want to know what to do in Bali, remember first that the island has transformed itself from a laidback surfer hangout into one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations. It now offers as many experiences as the varying hues of green found in a plot of terraced rice paddy.

No 1. Visit Keramas Beach club at night 

keramasThere generally isn’t much to do in Bali after hours unless you are an avid party goer. Most businesses shut at around 9pm and divers often ask what they can do to off gas without risking a hangover the next day. My suggestion? Hang out at the black sandy beach north off Padang Galak.  You will find Keramas Kommune Beach club where you can watch the amazing night surfing demos, a new experience on the ‘Island of the Gods” at Keramas Beach, Bali. Under custom-built lights, experienced surfers will take to the waves when the swell is up directly in front of the spectacular Komune Beach Club - this place is only about 10 minutes away from our dive center.