Divemaster Internship

If you are considering a professional Divemaster internship with us you need to ask yourself three questions :

Do I have a passion for scuba diving? Do I love and care for the underwater world? Would I like to share my passion for diving with others?

Bali Divemaster Internships

If you can answer “yes” to these questions, then our Blue Season Bali Divemaster Internships are perfect for you. Join our PADI Divemaster internships and you are joining one of the most sought after internships in the scuba diving world. Becoming a PADI Divemaster is a dream for many divers but being able to work as an effective PADI professional is something only few people achieve. Our aim is to help you understand what it really means to work as a PADI Divemaster, ultimately making you more employable in the dive industry.

At Blue Season Bali we have put together an internship that develops you to work in the real world as a PADI Divemaster. Whilst there are performance requirements that must be met in the PADI Divemaster course, at BSB we add so much extra real life experience and workshops that you leave feeling ready for that dream diving job as a confident PADI Divemaster. The PADI Divemaster Internship in Bali has a flexible schedule; you can start any day you like! Prior to starting your internship you do need to make sure that you meet the prerequisites for the course (see more below).  If you need to complete any of these prerequisite courses then we will do them at the beginning of your Divemaster Internship.

The schedule for the Divemaster internship normally follows a set pattern although some activities such as assisting with other PADI Courses will be dependent on the day-to-day schedule here in the dive center. During the course you will be required to do a number of things which are expected of a PADI Divemaster like assisting on courses, setting up and managing dive sites, organising deep dives, skill circuits and much, much more.

We have three main Divemaster options that vary depending on your time, budget and commitment to finding employment as a PADI Divemaster after your training. Have a look at our internship options here :

1 Month
Sign up for our flagship 1 month PADI Divemaster Internship in Bali – this all inclusive package is a great way to start your professional diving career…[Read More]
2 Month
Sign up for our 2 month PADI Divemaster Internship and receive 5 PADI Specialty Diver Courses FOR FREE! [Read More]
4 Month
Our 4 month PADI Divemaster Internship is packed with workshops, 10 PADI Specialty Diver Courses as well as all your materials and fees! Sign up today…[Read More]


Here at Blue Season Bali, our Divemaster internship program is aimed at completing two primary goals. First, we include information, workshops and seminars which are far beyond the requirements of the basic PADI Divemaster training. We do this with the goal of making you the most well-rounded and knowledgeable Divemaster possible.


Second, we place a high emphasis in developing your Divemaster skills and theory up to instructor level. So, when you move on to take your Instructor Development Course, it’s an absolute walk in the park.


PADI Predive safety check (BWRAF)

Deep water entry

Buoyancy check at the surface

Attain neutral buoyancy

Mask removal, replacement and clearing

Proper five-point descent

Regulator recovery and clearing

Fin pivot (both low-pressure and oral inflation)

Air depletion exercise and alternate air source

Free-flow regulator breathing

Controlled emergency swimming ascent

Proper five-point ascent

Underwater swim without a mask

Buddy breathing stationary and swimming

Hovering in midwater for 30 seconds

Remove and replace scuba unit on the surface

Practical Application

Remove and replace scuba unit underwater

Remove and replace weight system on the surface

Regulator to snorkel & snorkel to regulator exchange

Remove and replace weight system underwater


The PADI Divemaster manual has nine chapters and the end of each chapter features- you guessed it- a knowledge review. This manual explains the role of a Divemaster and begins to develop your understanding of Divemaster theory. You will also develop a plan on how to respond to diving emergencies.There are eight exams in the PADI Divemaster course. The first three are about the role of a Divemaster. The following five are Physics, Physiology, Equipment, Decompression Theory and Skills & Environment. These five sections are very important because they really develop your understanding of the ``how`` and ``why`` of diving. Also, they happen to be the same five sections you'll be tested on during your IDC and also the PADI IE. You will be an expert on these topics by the time you leave Blue Season Bali.


Divemasters and Instructors need to know how to swim. If you're not a particularly strong swimmer, that's okay. You'll have plenty of time to practice in our on-site training pool. As part of your Divemaster Course you will need to complete the following waterskills assessments: 400m swim, 15 minute float/tread, 800m snorkel, 100m tired diver tow. You will also develop and be assessed on your ability to surface an unconscious diver, administer rescue breathing, remove equipment and tow to safety. This rescue skill is developed through repeated practice during our weekly skills sessions.


We have a skills session scheduled every Sunday. In addition to developing your rescue skills, we practice demonstrating the ``24 basic scuba skills``- just like you would to an Open Water student. You will learn techniques to make your skills demonstrations as effective as possible. Some of the 24 skills you will master and demonstrate are: Equipment assembly, adjustment, preparation, donning and disassembly; PADI Predive safety check (BWRAF); Deep water entry; Buoyancy check at the surface; Attain neutral buoyancy; Regulator-to-snorkel and snorkel-to-regulator exchange; Proper five-point descent; Regulator recovery and clearing; Mask removal, replacement and clearing; Air depletion exercise and Alternate air source use stationary for 30 seconds; Free-flow regulator breathing; Fin pivot (both low-pressure and oral inflation)

You will learn how to construct a proper dive site map during your Divemaster training here at Blue Season Bali. Of course we will give you tools and tips in order to end up with a great map of one of the dive sites around here.

Toward the end of your training, you will go into the pool with another candidate and an instructor to do the equipment exchange. We won’t tell you too much about this now because it is intended to gauge your response to task loading and moderate levels of stress!

Also toward the end of your divemaster course, you will be completely in charge of running an assigned program. This program will be one of the items which may be conducted by a certified PADI Divemaster.

Once we have worked together and you’re ready for it, you will be assigned to guide certified divers on day trips. At first, these certified divers will likely be your fellow trainees as you work and develop together. Guiding certified divers is a huge part of the real-life job of any divemaster!

You will assist on at least one complete PADI Open Water course during your training. You will also assist on at least one component of PADI continuing education- like Advanced Open Water or Rescue Diver. While these are the minimum requirements, we’ll try to have you assist multiple courses and at least one of each of OW, AOW, EFR, and Rescue. This experience is absolutely valuable if you plan to work your way up to becoming a PADI Instructor.


Sure, as a PADI Career Development Center we conduct all courses in compliance with PADI Standards, but there’s nothing that says we have to stop there. We have built loads of professional development seminars, workshops and clinics into our revolving internship schedule which are aimed at making you the most complete and competent dive professional possible.


Yes, we’re all about professional development here at Blue Season Bali, but we know from experience that some people don’t do their Divemaster training to become a professional diver straight away – they want to spend a few months becoming a ridiculously good diver. So, how exactly can we help make you a better diver? Well, we will also teach you a lot of other skills! Ever tried to fin backwards or use the “helicopter turn”? These are some of the skills our experienced instructors will be happy to show you!


The key to our scuba diving internship program is that you learn what it really means to be a professional diver. You will work alongside our Divemasters, Instructors and Course Directors learning the ropes as you develop your professional-level dive skills and knowledge. Your peer candidates are also a great source of help, meaning, you can work as a group to discuss and better understand things, and of course when you are done studying go out with them for a beer or two!

Read to sign up for you Divemaster Internship today?

  • Airport pick up and drop off.
  • Accommodation, located near our Dive Centre in Sanur.
  • Unlimited diving.
  • PADI Application Fees.
  • PADI Materials.
  • Free wireless broadband Internet access is available in our Dive Center.
  • Equipment Rental – During your internship, we will supply you with a BCD, regulator, wetsuit, tank and weights.
  • Diver Insurance – gives you security during your entire stay in Bali.
  • Lunch, water and snacks – on all training days. *See each internship for specific inclusions.

Depending on the dive internship you choose, you will receive special seminars and workshops such as:

  • Customer service
  • Equipment Sales & Servicing
  • Organizing AWARE clean-ups
  • CV builder

These are just a few of the extras that you may receive. You might start to notice why Blue Season Bali stands head and shoulders above the rest for Scuba Diving Internships.

Our professional team is headed by our onsite PADI Course Director, assisted by our team of PADI Staff Instructors. We have a full team of experienced, multilingual PADI Instructors ready to help you to reach your Professional Diving Goals.


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