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This section of the web site is designed to help you understand what your day-to-day life will be like here in Bali. The team will be working closely with you during your development into a PADI Divemaster and/or PADI Instructor, so check out below to find out what you can expect here at Blue Season Bali.

The steps you will take to get here will depend on the program you want to do. For programs longer than one month, we provide special visa assistance in order to obtain a Social Visit Visa. Candidates joining us for the one-month divemaster or four-week IDC program are welcome to get a Visa on Arrival (VoA). The VoA is valid for 30 days and is available upon arrival for most nationalities.

For participants in programs longer than one month, a 211 e-VISA is required.  This e-VISA allows you to stay up to 60 days.  If you plan to stay more than 60 days, this visa can be extended 4 times with an extension of 30 days each time.  Our trusted Visa consultant will help you with the logistics to obtain the appropriate visa for your stay in Indonesia.  Once your e-VISA has been issued, we will request a deposit to confirm your place in the program.

Please note that the application fee for your e-VISA will need to be paid directly to our Visa consultant.  The fee varies depending the type of Visa, contact us for more details.

The main thing you need to bring with you is a good attitude. You’ll also want to bring evidence of previous certifications if you’ve done any training outside the PADI system. If you’ve done all your training with PADI, we can look you up online or contact the training department. Sun block is recommended and so is a thin rain jacket.

You should pack clothes appropriate for a warm, tropical climate. A rain jacket might also be useful depending on the season!

A bad attitude, firearms, chemical weapons or anything illegal in Indonesia like drugs!

Any time! We have training going on all the time at all levels. All you need to do is let us know when you plan to arrive and we will confirm availability, then you can submit a deposit to confirm your program. We will handle the scheduling and even make sure we’re there to pick you up at the airport! We dive year-round and there is no bad time to dive in Bali.

The standard accommodation provided with our internships and IDC programs are clean, comfortable twin-share rooms with AC and room temperature water. All feature an en-suite western style toilet and private entrances which open to a semi-private shared courtyard off the main road. You will be sharing the room with another intern of the same gender. The accommodations are family-operated and lend themselves to a great sense of community among the interns.

We try to design our packages so pretty much everything you need is included, apart from food and daily expenses, so you can plan best and do not have to worry about extra hidden costs. Basically, you get yourself here and we take care of the rest.

We have professional internship candidates working with us year-round. In fact, you will work with divers just like you from all over the world. Having a social network in place makes the transition to life in Bali not just easy, but fun! The ongoing internship program is like a reservoir of information where you will quickly learn all of the ins and outs of nightlife in Bali.

Blue Season Bali is located in the village of Sanur, which is one of the more relaxed areas of South Bali. The airport is only a 20-25 minute ride from our Dive Centre. The nightlife in Sanur reflects its laid-back atmosphere. There are scores of great restaurants close to the Dive Centre and intern accommodation, offering a wide variety of food and beverage selections. Additionally, dozens of pubs and bars are found on the main streets where interns commonly meet for a game of pool or to relax after a day’s diving. Food and beverage in Sanur is cheap. You should expect to pay about IDR20,000 for a cold beer and a fantastic local meal can be enjoyed for under IDR40,000.

Given Sanur’s relaxed atmosphere, it offers the perfect environment for those serious about focusing on training while still having the ability to access various social venues. All of our full-time instructors, course directors and owners live here in Sanur. It’s a great place to live.

For those of you requiring a higher dose of “party” Kuta is just a short taxi ride away…

“Ordered chaos” is a good description for Kuta after dark. This world-renowned party destination is chock-full of bars, discos and restaurants. We are talking hundreds. The party scene in Kuta commonly carries on until the wee hours of the morning.

From the internship accommodation in Sanur, the pandemonium of Kuta is only a short 20-25 minute taxi ride away. Located just across the metro area on Bali’s SW coast, Kuta is is the heart of the island’s most popular surf beaches. There are venues for people of all tastes, most featuring live music. Whatever your preference, there’s a place in Kuta for you.

While Kuta enjoys world-wide recognition as Bali’s prime party place, Seminyak is making headway. Generally more upscale (and a little more expensive) in comparison to Kuta, Seminyak offers a new take on Bali nightlife. Huge clubs like Potato Head and Ku De Ta offer party-goers the opportunity to relax, enjoy a meal and watch the sunset before things get kicked into high gear with frequent appearances by internationally-renowned guest DJ’s.

We have developed workshops to teach you a lot of extra things we feel are useful! These workshops have been designed by our senior instructor development team, drawing on years of diving and teaching experience. Depending on your program, you might be able to take advantage of CV workshop, Marketing workshop, etc.

Blue Season Bali is a staunch supporter of Project AWARE and its efforts to foster education, advocacy and action when it comes to issues surrounding marine conservation. We are participating in the Adopt A Dive Site project for example and organise regular underwater clean-ups.

Furthermore, we regularly work with local schools and civic organizations to further education and participation in these events. We don’t wait for a special occasion to try and make a difference.

In our Two month program we also have a great focus on conservation, by including specialties such as Fish ID, Project Aware or Coral Reef Conservation.



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