Activities in Menjangan

What to do? Well, you can just relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings in this beautiful resort. You might choose to just sit beside the pool and listen to the sounds of nature, with the rustling of the leaves and the call of the many birds that thrive in the protected environment of The West Bali National Park. A gentle stroll along the beach at sunrise to see the family groups of Menjangan Deer at the water’s edge is a memory that will stay with you forever. Gaze out past the magnificent Menjangan Island towards the mist shrouded volcanoes of East Java and realise what an awesome world we live in.


For those that are ready for a little activity then we have a very special range of options for you, all within very easy reach so no long coach excursions, it is all here within the grounds of the resort. Have a try at horseback riding, kayaking or bird watching along with many more ways to really get to know the forests and ocean that make up the West Bali National Park.

Horseback Riding

What better way to explore the forest around the Menjangan Resort than together with one of these beautiful Australian Horses that seem to know their way around so well. The guides will take account of your ability and experience when planning a trek for you. The most popular times for horseback riding are early morning and late afternoon, away from the hottest time of the day and also when Menjangan is at its most beautiful, so be ready with your camera.

Bird Watching

With the knowledgeable local guides showing the way you will be able to see some of over 120 species that make the protected environment of the West Bali National Park their home. There is also a breeding program for the rare Bali starling that was so close to extinction. We are now able to see the birds around the resort due to the efforts of the dedicated team here, a modern miracle


A great, fun way to explore Bajul Bay from the water and enjoying the beauty of a coastline full of wildlife. Keep your eyes open towards the mangroves and you will often see kingfishers perched on the roots and young trees. Their brilliant blue plumage is easy to spot. Be prepared for loads of small fry jumping out of the water as you approach the mangroves as this is an excellent nursery and a very important part of the ecology here and look out for the local deer at the water’s edge. If you have plenty of energy then head to the northern end of the bay next to the Mimpi resort where you will find local villagers bathing in the hot springs.

Trekking or Biking

Explore the forest by bike or on foot, together with our trained guides who will show you many of the hidden wonders of the forest. Conservation is taken very seriously in the park and protection of the huge variety of flora and fauna is a priority for all involved. The guides will show you some of the ways that we are helping to conserve the environment for future generations to enjoy. There are some amazing sights and views around the park and from the cliffs that are only accessible on foot or by bike. Be ready to stop and wait for the local Menjangan deer to enjoy a drink or nibble at the young leaves on the low hanging branches, they are quite shy so you need to stand still. Stand back as a troop of monkeys crosses the path ahead of you, with the leader checking it is safe before the infants and others join him.

Luxurious Cuisine

Food food glorious food !!

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The Menjangan and Bali’s West Bali National Park are located 4 hours from the South of Bali. While we can arrange day trips under special conditions, we highly suggest you have a look at our special Dive and Stay packages to avoid long days spent in the car. For more information have a look at our Menjangan Diving website.


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