24 Feb

Become the Best Macro Diver: How to Find these 4 Rare Creatures

Ever heard a diver brag about how many rare, tiny, well-camouflaged underwater creatures they have managed to spot ? Well, you can find a fantastic Divemaster to find you all these critters (and we’ve got plenty of those) Or you can read on for some tips and become a brag-worthy macroPigmy seahorse  hunter yourself. Here’s how you can see…

1. The Pygmy Seahorse He lives in sea fans. Sea fans are easy to spot so spotting this critter should be simple enough, right? Wrong! He is super tiny and if that doesn’t make things challenging enough, he looks exactly like the fan. The pink Seahorses live in pink Sea Fans. The even more rare yellow Seahorses live in yellow Sea Fans. Awesome, thanks Seahorse ! Your best bet is to find its tail wrapped around one of the sea fan’s super tiny branches and then look for his eye. Search fans sitting between 15m and 20m deep. Ribbon eel

2. The Ribbon Eel The Ribbon Eel has this look on his face like he was just found during a game of Hide and Seek. Only this eel is not as good at hiding as he thinks he is. He always picks the same spot. He always goes for a sandy bottom interspersed with patches of coral and rock. Real creative, eel! Sometimes he hides underneath these patches and sometimes he just “hides” beside them. Poke around between 8m and 25m at sites like Blue Lagoon, Coral Garden, and Ocean View, and you might find him too!

3. The Hairy Squat Lobster These adorable fluffy little guys live in Barrel Sponges, which is great because Barrel Sponges are everywhere. In the creases of the barrels are little holes, the doors to their home. So be patient, be attentive, and watch for movement. But don’t you force those lobsters out. If they’re feeling social they will be crawling in and out around the creases. The best part is, they don’t crawl solo so if you can see one, you can see a few. Look fElectric clamor Barrel Sponges sitting deeper than 15m.

4. The Electric Clam The Electric Clam must not like sunlight very much because she hangs out at the base of rock walls or rock formations. And just to be extra sure that she remains in the dark, her favourite spots are under the small overhangs. But good news for you: No need to bring your flashlight along to investigate the rock’s crevices at 25m. The clam thinks you did such a good job finding her, she’ll congratulate you by lighting up bright red. Look for her in the North of Bali, particularly at a site called Kebun Batu.

Ready to see how you fare on your next dive ? Join us ! And be sure to stay tuned for part two, where we will guide you on how to find the Harlequin Shrimp, the Frog Fish, the Mandarin Fish, the Ornate Ghost Pipe Fish, and the Boxer Crab.

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