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Diving course Bali

26 Jul PADI Scuba Diving Course for Beginners

Scuba diving is one of the most rewarding activities for those who want to learn. Placing yourself in a new environment, not in your element, can provide valuable perspectives and also teach you to be more conscious of the environment. ...

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Rescue Diver

19 Jul Benefits of Becoming a Certified Rescue Diver

Diving is an adventurous activity, one that entails a lot of unexpected elements underwater and one that can quickly and potentially turn a fun, relaxing getaway into a crisis situation. Therefore, we highly recommend enrolling in the Rescue Diver course ...

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Scuba Certification

31 May The Scuba Certification You Need to Have

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you may be wondering what Scuba certification is next? How can I further improve my diving skills? The good news is, there’s plenty of options when it comes to scuba diving courses. These include the advanced ...

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26 Oct Scuba Diving Equipment and Gear

Before jumping into the depths of the blue ocean, and in order to enjoy a safe and fun dive, a diver must be equipped with adequate knowledge, physical skills and a good set of scuba diving equipment. As human bodies ...

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scuba mask

11 Sep Foggy Mask: Why and What To Do

The scuba mask is one of the most important tools for any diver. Without a mask, a diver wouldn’t be able to see clearly or navigate themselves underwater, let alone enjoy the fantastic underwater views. The scuba mask also helps ...

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place arms diving

13 Jul Where to Place Your Arms While You Dive

Have you ever been scuba diving and, while underwater, wondered “Where should I put my arms while scuba diving?” This is normal. Many divers don’t seem to know where to place their arms while underwater either. Most just let them ...

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Continuing Dive Education Bali

27 Apr The Importance of Continuing Dive Education

So, you’ve earned your scuba certification – congratulations! The best way to perfect your newly acquired skills is to dive, dive, dive, and dive. Planning to expand your scuba adventures to additional types of diving? Your range of diving opportunities ...

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equalize in bali

22 Feb The right way to equalize

Having problems with your ear is a common thing among divers. Fortunately, most ear problems can be prevented if you equalize the right way. First – some physiology The middle ear is a dead air space which is connected to ...

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