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surface marker buoy in Bali

07 Jan How to use a Surface Marker Buoy

With the introduction of the new PADI Open Water Diver Course, more and more divers are being introduced to using Surface Marker Buoys “SMB’s” from their very first dive course. This is great, as once mastered, it is a fantastic ...

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Diving course Bali

26 Jul PADI Scuba Diving Course for Beginners

Scuba diving is one of the most rewarding activities for those who want to learn. Placing yourself in a new environment, not in your element, can provide valuable perspectives and also teach you to be more conscious of the environment. ...

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best time dive bali - bali dive season

14 Dec When is the Best Time to Dive in Bali?

Bali has a reputation as being one of the most desirable travel destinations due to its beautiful beaches, rich culture and enchanting waters. The island is home to many world-class diving locations and is the habitat to a diverse species ...

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26 Oct Scuba Diving Equipment and Gear

Before jumping into the depths of the blue ocean, and in order to enjoy a safe and fun dive, a diver must be equipped with adequate knowledge, physical skills and a good set of scuba diving equipment. As human bodies ...

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Freediving Bali

12 Oct Freediving for Beginners – Tips & Tricks

Are you a first-time free-diver? Although freediving isn’t as complicated as scuba diving, knowing a few diving tips and tricks will come in handy to get you started. Here are some tips that you can note down before exploring the ...

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decompression diving

05 Oct The Importance of Decompression Diving

What is decompression diving? New divers especially may get a little confused when hearing about this for the first time. There are a lot of technicalities behind every different type of dive but in short, decompression diving means that, during ...

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Strong current in Bali

01 Mar How to behave in a strong current

First – everyone should know that he or she only should dive within their limits and conditions they’re comfortable diving in. One shouldn’t underestimate the physically demanding power of a strong current. If before getting in the water you feel ...

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equalize in bali

22 Feb The right way to equalize

Having problems with your ear is a common thing among divers. Fortunately, most ear problems can be prevented if you equalize the right way. First – some physiology The middle ear is a dead air space which is connected to ...

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