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plastic pollution

15 Feb How Plastic Pollution Affects our Oceans

The invention of plastic has undoubtedly helped the progress and advancement of our society and technology. Its application extends to almost every conceivable human need, from carrying our groceries, household appliances, to surgical instruments. However, that progress has come at ...

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coral reef nusa penida bali

11 Jan The Best Coral Reefs in Bali

Coral reefs are home to the most abundant and beautiful marine life and fauna on the planet. Their sublime beauty just cannot be fully conveyed through images or videos alone. Not only are they beautiful, but they serve an instrumental ...

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19 Oct How Sunscreens Could be Harmful?

We all know that the benefits of sunscreens to protect the skin from UV rays are no longer to be proven. On the other hand, this summer essential can be very harmful for the marine environment, and especially for the ...

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14 Sep How Divers Can Conserve the Ocean

Freediving is a fun way to explore the underwater world, but did you know that it’s also a great way to help conserve the ocean and marine life? Most freedivers do this by spreading awareness with their underwater photos and ...

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climate change

24 Aug How Climate Change Affects the Ocean

Climate change impacts the ocean in drastic ways. Expand your knowledge of the ocean with Blue Season Bali. This is what happens to our seas with climate change. In addition to extreme and unpredictable weather, more rainfall, changing seasons (which ...

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Project AWARE in Bali

28 Dec Project AWARE – Keep our nature clean

When you think of Bali you may think of long white beaches, crystal clear water, the sun – a place which resembles paradise. And actually Bali is a really beautiful island, with stunning landscapes and many beautiful places to discover! ...

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14 Dec What is the “Project Aware” foundation?

Have you noticed that Blue Season Bali supports the “Project Aware” foundation? Maybe you have wondered what kind of foundation it is (like me when I visited the Website for the first time) and what they want to achieve. Internet: ...

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Manta Rays in Bali

28 Feb Threats for Manta Rays

Mantas are probably some of the most fascinating creatures a diver can encounter. However and very sadly their survival is highly threatened. There is a ray of hope for these majestic creatures though, since they have been listed in CITES ...

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