As divers and the lovers of the ocean, we want to keep the ocean as it should: clean and plastic-free. We know how harmful and destructive plastics are to the marine environment. However, have you ever thought about your impact to the marine environment when you...

Blue Season Bali's new team member is a Manta Ray! We have a new a really special new team member here at Blue Season Bali Let us introduce him to you… His name is Nappa, and he's a 30 year old Manta that lives in the waters of Nusa Penida. He can easily be seen at Manta Point, where he usually feeds. If you...

Extinction is NOT an option.


A week ago, I was leading our Divemaster interns back from a dive off Sanur channel, just as we jumped off the small boat and onto land, we all stopped in mid-sentence -  next to our feet laid 8 lifeless baby sharks. A cruel sight, but this is the sad and unspoken reality in Indonesia. Waters around Nusa Penida are fully exploited, it's a fisherman's livelihood,  and it also doesn't help these apex predators one bit with the media frenzy surrounding shark attacks. Is there anything you and I can do to stop this?

Despite efforts of world leaders, scuba divers and activists, Indonesia still does not have a functioning legislation in place to protect sharks.

Shark meat is surprisingly tasteless and only has low value; Fins are sold for a mere USD 30 per set and end up as shark’s fin soup – which is heavily laden with spices and mercury! Although it isn’t much value to us (and in some ways harmful), It is a decent week’s salary for a local fisherman.

Alarming numbers show that the majority of the landings consist of pregnant Thresher sharks; once thriving in Balinese waters - it is now listed as “vulnerable” by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Divers & ocean enthusiasts can be part of the solution. Our aim is to share with local fisherman alternative solutions and convince them that dive tourism can be much more profitable than the one-time profit of killing a shark.

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