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Project AWARE in Bali

28 Dec Project AWARE – Keep our nature clean

When you think of Bali you may think of long white beaches, crystal clear water, the sun – a place which resembles paradise. And actually Bali is a really beautiful island, with stunning landscapes and many beautiful places to discover! ...

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weight check in bali

30 Mar How to Perform a Scuba Buoyancy Check

There is nothing worse than diving incorrectly weighted; you either spend the whole dive adding air to your BCD or you spend the last few minutes of your dive constantly floating up – neither situation is fun, neither is safe. ...

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Identifying Manta Rays in Bali

07 Mar Identifying Manta Rays in Bali

Most divers that come to Bali want to see the impressive Manta Ray. At the moment there are about 520 individuals that have been identified around Nusa Penida. Some of them are always around Penida and don’t travel too far, ...

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Manta Rays in Bali

28 Feb Threats for Manta Rays

Mantas are probably some of the most fascinating creatures a diver can encounter. However and very sadly their survival is highly threatened. There is a ray of hope for these majestic creatures though, since they have been listed in CITES ...

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Blue Season Bali's new team member is a Manta Ray!

23 Aug Blue Season Bali’s new team member is a Manta Ray!

Blue Season Bali’s new team member is a Manta Ray! We have a new a really special new team member here at Blue Season Bali Let us introduce him to you… His name is Nappa, and he’s a 30 year old Manta that lives in the waters of Nusa Penida. He can easily be ...

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14 Feb Shark killing frenzy off Sanur beach

Extinction is NOT an option. A week ago, I was leading our Divemaster interns back from a dive off Sanur channel, just as we jumped off the small boat and onto land, we all stopped in mid-sentence –  next to ...

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