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04 Apr 5 Sea Creatures You Have to See in Bali

Diving in Bali is awe-inspiring, with an incredible diversity of marine life. With every dive in Bali, you will float around a great number of small and medium-sized fishes and other ocean critters. But there are 5 sea creatures that ...

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Scuba dive in Bali

14 Jan 5 Reasons to Scuba Dive in Bali

Bali’s warm waters attract some of the most beautiful and obscure marine life a diver can find.  Here are 5 things we love about scuba diving in these tropical waters… 1. Bali Sunfish (Mola Mola) Ocean Sunfish, Mola Mola, Crystal ...

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Sea Horse Padang Bai Bali

04 Jan Seahorse: Facts and Where to See Them in Bali

The Seahorse is a truly unique animal. Their elegant bodies give them a distinct and memorable character. Historically they’ve been the subject of artists and painters due to their enigmatic figure. They’ve also been captured and used in Asian Traditional ...

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mola mola

21 Dec Discover Great Marine Life in Indonesia

As the world’s largest archipelago, Indonesia is the host of some of the most unique marine life in Southeast Asia. Many of these creatures are endemic to the archipelago, some are even protected by the government due to their status ...

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19 Oct How Sunscreens Could be Harmful?

We all know that the benefits of sunscreens to protect the skin from UV rays are no longer to be proven. On the other hand, this summer essential can be very harmful for the marine environment, and especially for the ...

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