23 Aug

Blue Season Bali’s new team member is a Manta Ray!

Blue Season Bali’s new team member is a Manta Ray!

We have a new a really special new team member here at Blue Season Bali

Let us introduce him to you…

His name is Nappa, and he’s a 30 year old Manta that lives in the waters of Nusa Penida. He can easily be seen at Manta Point, where he usually feeds. If you want to visit him,  join us for a trip to Nusa Penida and identify him!

Our Initiative

We decided to sponsor one of these beautiful creatures to collaborate with Aquatic Alliance, a local non profit organization that for years has been studying and educating people to protect the marine life of our waters. Thanks to these kind of initiatives and the involvement of the conservation groups, we can spread the word and awareness about the importance of the conservation of the marine life.


Unfortunately the human impact on our oceans and the illegal fisheries are still present in many areas and are threatening Manta’s all over the world. Indonesia in particular has one of the largest Manta Ray fisheries in the world. They are used by the cosmetic and traditional medicine industries.

Good News 

Recently the Indonesian government banned the fishing of MantaRays in all  of Indonesian waters, converting them into the largest protected area of Manta Rays in the world. That would not have been possible without the involvement of a large amount of organizations and companies that proved to the Indonesian Government the benefit of protecting these magnificent creature.



When we first decided to adopt the Manta we decided that we wanted everyone to participate and be involved in the process. We opened the Manta-naming opportunity to all of our divers, snorkelers, staff and guests. Even passerby’s had the chance to drop their nominated name for our Manta if they wanted to! The name Nappa was from diver Michael La, we thought that suited our very own Manta Ray very well. As thanks to Michael, we’ll take him out diving sometime with us, probably while trying to spot Nappa 🙂

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