01 Oct

Finally a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer!

Becoming a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer at Blue Season Bali | Best Dive Job Blog by Joe Zeiler

Well, it’s official, I am now a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer!  This certification marks the end of my program here with Blue Season. It’s been an amazing journey from Rescue Diver to Divemaster to Open Water Scuba Instructor and finally to MSDT.  Technically, my internship here doesn’t end for another month but because I’ve reached the number of certifications needed for my MSDT, I can relax a bit and spend my time fun diving and assisting with Divemaster trainees.

Recently I’ve been helping out with intern guiding workshops. During these workshops, Divemaster Interns practice guiding a group of “guests” (made up of other interns) around different dive sites in Bali. My job as a certified instructor is to follow along and give feedback on what went well during the dive as well as areas for improvement.  It’s a really great experience for me because it wasn’t very long ago that I was on the other side of these workshops, guiding others around and waiting for feedback myself.

Guiding is one of the most important skills a Divemaster needs to master. Here in Bali where the currents are strong and at times unpredictable, a good guide needs to be constantly aware of their guests’ air consumption, position and no decompression limits. They also need to be able to point out interesting wildlife as well as properly navigate their way back to the boat. It can be a lot to think about while at 20 meters. To make things even more challenging, as interns near the end of their program, Mike and Niels, the intern managers, will often present the guides with unexpected real life problems during the dive. Somebody has run out of air, a diver needs an extra weight or they may hide behind an outcropping to simulate a lost diver. If a trainee can effectively deal with the situation while at the same time meeting all the other criteria that make for a safe and entertaining dive they are officially signed off on guiding.  Luckily, the DM trainees here get almost daily guiding workshops so by the time their internship is over they can navigate their way around a dive site practically blindfolded while simultaneously pointing out camouflaged scorpion fish and Mola Molas in the distance while at the same time dealing with a diver who is low on air and lost their fin. If you are interested in working your way up the PADI professional ladder. Check out our Divemaster, IDC and MSDT interships. You’ll receive the best training in the business in one of the best diving locales in the world. How can you say no!!!

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