28 Sep

7 tips to avoid seasickness while diving

Boat to Nusa Penida Bali

We know, it’s not a very nice topic to talk about but unfortunately some of our divers and even our long staying dive interns experience seasickness now and then. Most of the time this happens at one of our favourite dive sites, Nusa Penida, due to traveling by boat throughout the whole day. So, if you’d love to dive in Nusa Penida with Blue Season Bali and you’ve experienced seasickness before: take advantage of these tips to avoid it!

Seasickness pills

Of course, this is the number one treatment to avoid seasickness, but you should know which pills to choose! When you’re in Bali you can get the medication in most pharmacies around or you can just bring them from home. Just be sure not to pick those with cinnarizine in them as they may make you tired. YOu definitely don’t want that on your dives! Here in Sanur, they are called “antimo”, are usually in blue packaging with a plane, a boat and a train on the front – just get in touch if you need any help finding them.


You can choose a homeopathic seasickness pill with ginger in it or bring fresh ginger on the boat – either is fine! This might be a better option if you don’t always want to use medication on your dives. For me, fresh ginger works best when you chew on a small bit. It literally burns away your seasickness.

Change your position and get fresh air

Sitting up straight and looking to the horizon helps a lot of people to get rid of the beginning of seasickness! If sitting up straight doesn’t help at all laying down is another option to prevent seasickness. Also, it’s always helpful to get some fresh air so try to go to an open deck or balcony (Blue Season Bali’s boat has an open deck. Yay!).

Wear acupressure wrist bands

Acupressure wrist bands help to avoid seasickness by pressing on the Nei-Kuan acupressure point, located underneath the first finger between the two wrist tendons. Pressure on this point can effectively reduce nausea.

Eat well before the boat trip and stay hydrated

The best food to have before going on a boat is light and bland. Crackers, bread or oatmeal is the best breakfast if you know that you get seasick quickly. Throughout the whole day you should stay hydrated and drink lots of water. Not only does this help to prevent seasickness, but also when you are seasick already.

Make sure you are well rested on your diving day

Missing sleep and feeling exhausted make you more susceptible to factors that can cause seasickness. Make sure you get an early sleep the night before and don’t go on a boat if you’re hungover as it’s both bad for diving and avoiding seasickness!

Let your dive buddy help you

If you’re feeling seasick, but still want to go diving the best way is to get some help from other divers on the boat. Looking down and concentrating on setting up your gear can worsen symptoms, so a buddy’s help can make a big difference.

We don’t know which tip will help you to avoid seasickness in the end. It might be helpful to try out some combinations to get rid of seasickness. In any case: Try to stay calm and enjoy your dives!

Did you try any of these tips to avoid seasickness before or tried out different ones? Let us know all about it in the comments!

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