15 Feb

Common mistakes made by new divers

Most people are overwhelmed and very excited by their first breath underwater. However, there are some mistakes a lot of new divers tend to do. We’ve listed them for you, so you can start your diving career safely and with as much fun as possible!

Common mistakes made by new divers

Not relaxing and rushing

The first breath underwater might seem amazing, but your body is not used to only breathe through your mouth. Some people might get uncomfortable. Try to breathe calm and steady and focus on the instructor, their relaxed behavior should also have a relaxing impact on you.

In addition to this: don’t let yourself rush through anything! Take the time you need to prepare your equipment and check it carefully with your buddy. A relaxed diver is a good diver! Also during your dive, take your time to equalize frequently and descend slowly.

Getting frustrated

During your Open Water Course there are several skills that needs to be done. New divers often tend to feel the pressure to get everything done perfectly as fast as possible. Don’t get frustrated if you can’t do it on the first try. You are in no hurry! The instructor wants you to do it right, not fast! So take your time, ask questions and give yourself some time to master everything.

Not asking questions

Never be ashamed to ask anything or to repeat your question multiple times, if you haven’t understood something clearly! Diving can be life-threatening, so don’t hesitate to ask everything you need, as stupid as it might seem to you.

Being over-/under-weighted

As a new diver you don’t automatically have the feeling of how much weight you need for your buoyancy. Furthermore, if you’ve lost or gained weight, if you are diving in a thinner or thicker wetsuit or if you are diving in salt or fresh water also has an impact on your buoyancy. You need to do a buoyancy check again. Otherwise, diving with the wrong amount of weight cost much more energy.

Lack of awareness

When you start diving, obviously everything is new and diving isn’t really a thing you can compare to anything else. In the beginning to handle your equipment is new, you are learning new skills and also get to see the fascinating underwater world. New divers tend to focus on only one thing, for example the marine life or their equipment. It may happen that they don’t pay attention to currents and get pushed away, not being aware of their depth or getting pulled away from their buddy or group. In addition to this you need to make it habit as well to check your air consumption all the time, as air is the thing that keeps you safe underwater.

Diving without your training limits and keep diving

In your OWC you also learn to never dive without your training limits, as it might be life-threatening. Also, don’t let yourself push from other divers to go beyond your limits. Always only dive within your training and also within conditions your feeling comfortable in.

The most important thing is – keep diving! New divers that only go diving once a year in their holidays you lose touch with your scuba skills. If you don’t have the chance to dive regularly, do a refresher course if you want to go diving!

Did we forget anything important? What mistakes did you do as a new diver? Let us know all about it in the comments!

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