10 Jul

Dive Site – Blue Lagoon Padang Bai

Stone fish - Padang Bai - BaliBlue Lagoon is one of the most popular snorkeling and diving sites in Bali. Come and explore it with us:

There are two possible entry points, one buoy sits at 5m and one goes all the way down to 18m. I usually choose the shallow buoy as I like a slow descent, but choose which ever one you prefer.

From there, my personal preference, is to head to the left (if you are facing the shore) from here you enter “Tanjung Sari” which is a reef with a maximum depth of 15m-16m. I usually head out and say hello to the Sweetlips hanging over the hard coral – keep an eye out for scorpion fish in the sand here.

Further along you will see a large piece of Staghorn Coral, beneath its thorny appearance you can often find Stonefish and Moray Eels hiding – so have a quick look before you swim on over. I have also seen Crocodile Fish and Scorpion Fish in this area. The Crocodile Fish are often in the soft “pink” coral while the Scorpion Fish prefer the hard coral.

From the Staghorn Coral, head in a diagonal direction to your right, here, you will find a huge triangular bommie – have a look underneath it as there are often White Tip Reef Sharks hiding beneath it. (Did you know that White Tip Reef Sharks are one of the few sharks who do not have to swim to breathe?).

From here, I usually turn back and start swimming towards Blue Lagoon. As you are on the last half of your dive, I tend to stay shallow at around 10m. The coral and marine life are beautiful here and you can often see the light shining down through the water onto the reef – this gives you an array of colours and a beautiful backdrop to your dive.

Once you are safely back in Blue Lagoon, there is a beautiful section of reef at 3m for your safety stop so that no time on your dive is wasted.

Have you dived in Padang Bai? What did you see?

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