31 Jan

Dive Trips: The New Road Trip for Scuba Divers in Bali

You may have tasted the Full Monty and explored all the top diving sites in Bali for 12 days. Now here’s another challenge. Given just six days for the trip, we’ll nominate Tulamben and Nusa Penida as the top two sites which will give you the most out of your brief time in Bali.

Tulamben: Where Details Matter

Tulamben is rich in natural beauty, magnificent underwater features, and is home to a historical wreck. These are a few of our top recommendations when you visit Tulamben.

tulamben diving

USAT Liberty shipwreck

By now, Tulamben’s iconic US military transporter USAT Liberty is teeming with sea plants, corals, sponges and communities of colorful species.

During its last voyage in June 1942, a Japanese submarine strikes the hull of the ship with two torpidoes. The ship did not sink but was beached somewhere in the deserted coastal area around Tulamben.

Interestingly, it would have become its final resting place had the volcanic Mt Agung not erupted. The eruption sent a wave of pyroclastic flow that rams onto the ship, sending it back into the water, sinking it for good.

Seraya Secrets

While the name Seraya comes from the nearby resort that have stood there for years, the site is composed of several muck and black sand beaches. But don’t worry about visibility. You won’t find a lot of coral growth in the sandy bottom.

So why should you visit this place? Because it’s the breeding and feeding ground for moray eels, cleaner shrimp, and the mysterious batfish. These reclusive animals may not be found among colorful corals, so be sure to use this chance to take underwater photographs.

The Drop Off

The same pyroclastic flow and lava river that pushed the USAT Liberty back into the sea, also created one of the most interesting underwater landscapes in Bali. The hardened lava has created a natural sea wall just above a drop-off.

This combination of volcanic matter and sandy drop off has created an 80-meter canvas for rich marine life to occupy and find shelter. You will find giant gorgonians, nudibranchs, parrotfish and the awesome and venomous lionfish.

Nusa Penida – home of the manta rays and sunfish

Crystal Bay

The mind-blowing visibility of Crystal Bay’s crystal-clear waters allow you to see corals at a depth of 10 meters even from the boat. The area is teeming with life as tens of millions of fish congregate to feed on phytoplankton that are carried by the strong current.

Between July and October, expect to find the gigantic Mola Mola (or sunfish) basking in the surface as it takes a migratory side stop to feed.

Manta Point

Manta rays are found all year-round at their feeding station in Manta Point. These friendly flappers are so curious that they can be found swimming alongside divers.

While they are not as large as their oceanic cousins, the manta rays are still quite a sight to see. Underwater photographers often like to play with illusionary perspectives, telling a visual story that tiny divers are riding on the backs of these majestic creatures.

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