19 Mar

How to avoid an excess luggage charge for your scuba diving holiday

These days, airlines are getting stricter and stricter about how much luggage you can take with you when you travel. Here are some tips to avoid that scary overweight charge at the airport.

  1. Check the baggage allowance of the airline you’re flying with, some allow sports equipment as an additional allowance and an additional bag. Here in Bali, airlines like Singapore Airlines and Emirates allow you up to 30kg of checked luggage – which is more than enough for a dive holiday.
  2. Some dive centres provide equipment free of charge for their scuba diving trips (This is what we do here at Blue Season Bali.) If you plan this ahead, I would recommend leaving your BCD and less “comfort” items such as boots and perhaps even your wetsuit at home. I personally always travel with my mask, regulator and dive computer – the others I could be persuaded to leave at home. This is especially important for accessories like SMB’s which many dive operators will provide for you.
  3. Don’t pack your weights….. No seriously…… Don’t pack any weights, all reputable dive schools will include these in your trip.
  4. Pack your regulator in your hand luggage – this is a good one for keeping that special piece of equipment nice and safe too.
  5. Don’t buy a heavy dive bag – use a simple mesh bag and have your bag wrapped at the airport.
  6. Make sure your dive gear is extra dry. Water will add on some significant kilograms to your dive gear. So, make sure your wetsuit is dry and be sure that there is no water inside your BCD.
  7. Check to see whether your dive operator provides towels – that’s another great space saver.
  8. Don’t pack too many clothes – most dive holidays are to tropical climates. The only things you really need are your swimming costumes, light clothes and sandals. Leave the high heels, smart shirts and definitely the jeans at home.

We hope that helps your packing for your next scuba holiday! Do you have any expert tips to save space in your suitcase for scuba holidays?

Let us know in the comments below!

Happy holidays.

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