27 Jul

How to choose your Scuba Diving Fins

Scuba Fins Bali

Once you’ve decided to get fully into diving, you probably have your own mask and snorkel at that stage. But what about your own scuba fins? The right equipment changes a lot underwater. You’ll feel more comfortable and save energy, which decreases you air consumption underwater.

There are many different kinds of scuba fins on the market, which makes a decision even harder.

However, before you buy your own pair of fins you should think about where you’ll use them.

Full foot fins: 

If you mostly dive in warm water and your entry is from a boat, full foot fins are probably the best choice for you. You can slip in barefoot without booties, which means less equipment! However full foot fins aren’t adjustable, divers with very small or very large feet could have problems with the fit – which can lead to blisters. Furthermore it’s more problematic to put on and remove, because of their properly fitting shape.

Open heel fins: 

Open heel fins are designed to be used with dive booties, thus there are commonly for diving in cold water and for shore entries with rocky ground. Moreover it’s easier to put on and remove, because of its adjustable straps. Unfortunately you should carry a spare strap with you, in case it broke which isn’t rarely. Compared to full foot fins, open heel fins are more expensive due to the stronger and stiffer material and the additional dive booties.

Blade style: 

Most divers use standard fins instead of split fins, because they are more powerful and provide enough power to fight through tough currents. Assuming that you have problems with your knee or cramp easily, you should think about split fins, especially if you dive in water with less current.


Usually the colour doesn’t affect the functionality of your fins, it’s more a personal taste. However most divers prefer fins in bright colours to be seen easily underwater.

Before buying your own pair of fins, you should try different fins while diving and decide afterward which pair fits the most with your personal needs.

Do you prefer open heel fins or full foot fins? Let us know in the comments below! 

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