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How to stop your Scuba Mask from fogging up

Scuba Masks for Diving in BaliYou want to see the fascinating underwater world, dive into a beautiful world of corals, colorful fish and other amazing sea creatures. You are entering the ocean, get your head underwater and then… you see barely anything because your mask is foggy. No one wants their dive ruined because of a foggy mask, but it’s not unusual for this to happen. Here we’ve got some tips and information that will help you with this problem.

Why is the mask fogging up?

The main reason why a scuba mask gets foggy is because of the temperature difference between your surroundings and the water. When you put on your mask you seal in the air between your face and the mask. This air gets heated up either by your body temperature or the outside temperature. If you go diving this air cools down which results in the formation of waterdrops – your mask fogs up.

Cleaning a new scuba mask

If you buy a new scuba mask you first have to remove the protection layer from the lenses. Otherwise your mask will fog up all the time. You can easily remove the layer by using toothpaste. Gently scrub in the toothpaste with your finger, let it dry and then rinse it off.

How to prevent a foggy mask each dive

Even if you got rid of the protection layer of a new mask it might get foggy. To prevent this, you should put your mask in the water to cool it down, and then spit in it. Rub the spit into the lenses. The spit is like a film on the lenses where the waterdrops are just running of and the mask cannot fog up. Afterwards rinse the mask with water.

An alternative to using spit is baby shampoo, but we at Blue Season Bali would rather suggest spit, because it is natural and better for the ocean environment.

Do you already have problems with a foggy mask? What is your secret to prevent it? Let us know all about it in the comments!

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