16 Dec

Interview with Bernd and George: 3 Interactions That Made the Divemaster Internship in Bali a Memorable Experience

Divemaster training in Bali

You’ve heard it before: What makes an experience worthwhile is the people you meet and the friends you make. Newly certified PADI pros Bernd and George became bros while completing their Divemaster training here at Blue Season Bali. Before we let them leave the nest, we just had to ask them a few questions about their time with us. They confirmed what we suspected: The best part about the whole thing was the encounters and relationships formed –both in and out of the water!

Divemaster training in Bali

Interns vs Sea Creatures –One of the best things about diving is the animal encounters. And our interns can attest to that! Bernd laughs about the time he felt personally victimized by a Titan trigger fish. This particularly feisty Titan kept biting at his fins, when all Bernd did was swim by him. And yet his instructor, who swam right up to that same fish’s face with a camera, managed to avoid attack! Meanwhile, when George is out diving, he feels he is forming a love/ hate relationship with every shark he meets. He calls it love/ hate in that he loves the sharks but they hate him. We’re sure they like you just fine, George! George marvels at how graceful and awesome sharks are, maintaining that everything about them is cool. If he had to choose, the Tiger shark would be his spirit animal. No, scratch that: Any shark, does not matter which shark, they are all cool! The time he saw the Wobbegong shark made for George’s most memorable dive here. Getting to see and swim with cheeky underwater critters: Now that’s a diving perk we can get on board with!

Divemaster training in BaliInterns vs Interns – On land, our interns are forming meaningful bonds, too. Both George and Bernd’s favorite thing about their Divemaster internship has been the chance to meet and befriend the other interns: And all our interns are unique! Bernd, for instance, came to us from Germany where he studied print and media technology. For him, diving is a rewarding hobby and potentially a back-up career path. As for George, he is returning to the UK to secure a degree in veterinary education. He will continue to dive recreationally and wants to be the safest diver he can possibly be, which is why he signed up to be a Divemaster. That and the fact that the title of Divemaster sounded more bad-ass to him than Master Scuba Diver. It amazes the two of them–and us!- how they come from different backgrounds, and dive for different reasons, yet all get along so famously.

Divemaster training in Bali

Interns vs Bali Locals – If you love meeting new people and being exposed to different cultures, then visiting an exotic place like Bali is not a bad idea, is it? And Bernd and George do love those things. They each began travelling from a young age; both have parents who, themselves, are avid travelers. Bernd has explored some of the world on his own and has been to Bali a few times before. What marks him about this place is that the locals are approachable, friendly, and lovely people to be around. Likewise, impressing George about Balinese people is that they share everything. According to George, therein lies a lesson we could all stand to learn, and we concur!

Divemaster training in Bali

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