22 Nov

On Vacation in Bali? Take a Scuba Diving Course!

Bali is a treasure trove of spectacular sea life and charming coral reefs. It’s no wonder thousands of scuba divers visit this tropical island every year. The experience of visiting the biggest aquariums in the world is no match for the authentic encounters you get in the real world.

Scuba Diving Bali

Scuba diving is an increasingly popular water activity. Although the initial investment in training and purchasing/renting equipment has become much cheaper than before, scuba diving still does not come cheap for very good reason! Scuba diving agencies work hard to provide safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experiences whether underwater or on land. As cheap as it gets, no agency can compromise safety and technical reliability.

Of course, this doesn’t mean scuba diving is reserved only for serious underwater enthusiasts. More and more agencies offer try-out sessions to simply introduce the world of scuba diving without you having to commit to long training periods and certification. Just in case diving isn’t for you.

Try Dive!

For something that requires extra commitment, you need to have a taste of scuba diving first. Luckily, you only need a minimal amount of training for this. Without needing to know all the theory and training that’s required to become a professional. Just the basics! Blue Season Bali provides a simple short course to prepare you for real diving. You’ll learn to breathe bubbles underwater in a pool, and within a few hours you can plunge straight into the ocean. Our guides will take you to famous diving sites that thousands of divers from all over the world have come to see.

Like it? Get PADI certified!

When you decide that scuba diving is definitely for you, and you want to be able to scuba dive as a hobby, the next thing you need is a PADI Certification. PADI stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors, and it is an internationally recognized diving license. Blue Season Bali’s PADI Open Water Certificate, provides the basic certificate which grants you permission to explore most of the world’s diving sites.

In this course, you learn the theories, practice your knowledge in the training pool and then apply all that you’ve learned in new territories. Feel the excitement as you ‘unlock’ new grounds to explore Bali’s most popular diving spots. The whole course takes four days, in which you get a chance to dive four times in Padang Bai, Amed and Tulamben.

Become a diving pro!

Have you completed the PADI Open Water Certification and received your diver’s license? Congratulations! Like all education, it’s the number of hours in the logbook that counts as experience. As you logged in more and more hours of experience, why not diversify and learn new skills?

There’s more to scuba diving than swimming underwater for a long time. There is a wide scope of skills that you can choose to master, for fun and profit. Underwater photographer? Marine life observer? Rescue diver? All these rare and exciting jobs require scuba diving experience. Perhaps you’ll find your life’s calling while underwater. Who knows?

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