02 Sep

My PADI Open Water Scuba Diving Course

As a marketing intern at Blue Season Bali you see people leaving for diving trips every day. And it is not just that, everyone around you speaks about 90% oft the time about diving or things that have to do with diving. Therefor there should be some kind of interest in diving, when doing an internship here. In my case that was clearly the case anyway. But all I have done so far was a Discovery Scuba Dive (DSD) in Thailand 5 months ago. This experience took away most of the fears I had about diving and therefor I already knew that I definitely want do more diving during my six weeks stay here in Bali.

Therefore, I took the first possibility to join of the next PADI Open Water Courses Blue Season Bali had to offer. I was so excited to finally start with it. We were a group of four, plus one dive master and one dive instructor. First, we had to do some theory and knowledge review followed by a swimming and floating test. After that we started with the fun stuff. We learned how to assemble and reassemble your own scuba gear and then we started to do a couple first skills in the pool. It was a fun day getting to know the most important things about scuba diving inside and outside the water.

The second day was even a little bit more exciting. We spend most of the morning in the pool improving our skills. Clearly floating or even taking of my mask is not my favourite part, but certainly a very important part to practice in case you lose your mask under water. Every time we went down the pool again to do some new skills I realized that I feel more confident with my gear, the depth and the all in all feeling under water. It is just a great feeling to lose all your weight and kind of “fly” underwater. After a couple hours in the pool we finally went to the beach to try out the things we have learned so far in the ocean. Fist it felt a lot different, due to the fact that there is much more water around you than in the pool and you are also not quite sure what to expect below you. But once I got used to it a little bit more it was just great and simply amazing. It is a very different view on the reef and the fish thanBildschirmfoto 2015-08-14 um 05.25.30 snorkelling – an even better one I would almost say. I find it quite hard do describe that incredible experience though and I think you can only understand when you try it out yourself. We also had to repeat some of the skill we’ve done in the pool already, but after that we had some time to enjoy the reef and all the beautiful fish and corals that come with it. Our instructors were just great! They showed us special fish, if they saw some and made us feel very save. That day we saw some cool things like scorpionfish, batfish, porcupinefish, goatfish, a school of yellowtail barracudas, a swimming flat worm and a flunder.
In the afternoon we had to finish the last chapters of the knowledge review and in the end do an exam about all the five chapters we went through the last two days. Since you apply most of the things from the book and the videos in the pool and the ocean, the test was really not very difficult and therefore we all passed it.

The third and last day we had was reserved only for diving in the ocean. We went up north to Tulamben to dive Bildschirmfoto 2015-08-14 um 05.26.16at Balis famous dice site, the liberty wreck. But first, the challenge was to enter the water. It was a shore dive, which means you have to enter the water from the beach and that day the waves were really high. It was a little bit difficult, but in the end it all worked out and with great help of our instructors we made it in and out two times that day. And once we got down and to the wreck it turned out to be all worth it. It is just a beautiful diving site with a verity of aquatic life. Local divers also say it is their favourite spot here on the island, because every time they dive the wreck again it is different and they see new things. We were also able to see a lot of different things such as clownfish, reef scorpionfish, needlefish, grouper and trumpetfish and of course many more. I didn’t expect to feel that confident in the water, but it was just a great dive and made so much fun.

Summarizing it can be said I really enjoyed doing my PADI Open Water Course. It were some great three days inBildschirmfoto 2015-08-11 um 11.00.27 which I’ve learned a lot more about diving. I am now also able to follow a lot more conversations here at Blue Season and can also understand that great love so many people here have for diving. I can recommend to everyone to at least try it one time. Half a year ago I was actually never even thinking about trying it, because I thought I would not like it anyway. Luckily I’ve got some friends, who are really into diving, who made me do the DSD, which aroused my interest into doing even more. I’m now very excited to do some more diving, like fun dives and also my Advanced Open Water, as soon as I find some time to do it. But I am sure, I definitely will!
Special thanks again to our instructors Ada, Nick and Augus, who were very patient with all we’ve done and just some good teachers. Good luck also to my diving buddy’s, I hope this course made you fell in love with diving like it did to me!

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