23 Apr

The perfect scuba diving tool box for under $100!!

Have you ever had to end a dive/not start a dive because of equipment failures? These 10 simple tools will you get you out of the most simple/easy to fix scuba diving equipment failures.

  1. Alan Keys – cost $10IMG_4837-300x200

Especially useful if you dive with a yolk regulator but live in an area where they commonly use Din Tanks. In that case, you will also want to have a spare insert to screw into the Din Cylinder.

  1. 2 x Adjustable Wrenches $20

Useful for so many things. Servicing regulators, replacing hoses or tightening the first stage.

  1. Zip ties $5

These come in handy for almost any scuba diving emergency, they are most commonly used for attaching the low pressure inflator and the mouth pieces on regulators. But they can also be used to patch a broken fin, a broken mask strap or a zip that’s broken on a wetsuit. I keep at least 10 of 3 different sizes in my toolbox.

  1. Double Sided clips – $5IMG_4931

These are so useful. You can use them to attach anything to your BCD. SMB’s, Camera’s, Reef Hooks. I always keep a spare.

  1. O-rings $5

This one is self-explanatory. If you’re going somewhere remote, you may want to take a couple of different sizes to be sure that you have what you need. I like the O ring kits that come with a tool to help you to remove the old O Ring.

  1. White marker – $2

For marking your dive gear. When there are a whole lot of people on a dive boat it can be very useful to have your name written on all of your gear.

  1. Spare Mouth Piece – $15

Because sometimes they break and it’s no fun to constantly be pushing water out of your mouth on a dive. I know some people who take their own mouth pieces when diving with rental gear too.

  1. Spare Fin straps – $15IMG_4849-300x200

Same as above. Sometimes they break and unless you are diving somewhere where there is absolutely no current, diving with one fin is no fun (trust me, I’ve been there!)

  1. Spare Mask or at least spare mask strap – $5

Mask straps can start to weaken over time and occasionally they do break. If you don’t want to spend the money on a spare mask, having a mask strap in your tool box will prevent you from ever having to miss a dive because of a broken mask strap.

  1. Knife/Scissors $5

To cut the zip ties off of broken mouth pieces or low pressure inflator hoses and much more.

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