16 Dec

2 Simple Ways to Improve your Air Consumption While Diving!

What is the goal of every enthusiastic diver? Of course it is to stay longer in the water in order to get the most out of the experience. Blue Spotted Sting Ray - Padang Bai Bali If you are an experienced diver you will agree that this is easier said than done especially for a new diver.

Well, it is embarrassing and frustrating to always be the one to finish up your air first. More importantly, you don’t get the thrill out of the experience which is supposed to give you a memorable feeling.  How then do you improve your air consumption to stay down longer?

Here are some ideas to help you ensure that the next time you dive off the boat you will be guaranteed an excellent time in the water:

  1. Relax

Being told to relax is the most common thing an instructor tells you but doing it right is not easy.  When you relax you are able to control the amount of air you use. The problem is that as a new diver you are excited and this increases your breathing rate.Scuba Diver in Bali

For you to appreciate how relaxing can help you improve your air consumption, consider a situation where you are comfortably seated on a couch. Your breathing is completely relaxed as you watch TV. When you are in such a situation try and time the number of breaths you take using a stop watch.

Now when you dive next time, take your stop watch and when you are down let yourself on your knees comfortably and imagine you are on your couch. This is an equally relaxed position and your breaths should be the same as when on your sofa. Try and reduce your breaths until they are equal to the ones you made in a minute while on your couch.

  1. Slow Down

It is normal for every diver to do things quickly and to try to see as much beauty under water as possible.  Whether you are a novice or an Diver ascending Baliexperienced diver to improve your air consumption you have to slow down.

To perfect this, try this when on dry land; take a breath but without letting your chest move. Try it as many times possible and you will realize that your breaths from the diaphragm are smaller and slower at about two to three seconds.

Now breathe out slowly at around eight to fifteen seconds and repeat the process until you perfect it.  When you exhale slowly you will not have the urge to inhale quickly as you perfect the art. Now you are ready to try the technique under water.

Of course there are many other ways to improve air consumption including improved fitness, using appropriate equipment and ensuring you are properly weighted but it is always best to start the simple way.

These are the techniques used by expert divers every time they dive. Try them out next time you go diving!

Want to take a course that helps you to improve your overall air consumption under water? Try thePeak Performance Buoyancy Course! Here in Bali, we run this course in one day at any of the beautiful sites around the island – learn new skills while enjoying the incredible underwater reefs of Bali – win / win!

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