21 Jun

5 Reasons to do your PADI Advanced Open Water Course

After you’ve taken the PADI Open Water course and are looking for the next challenge, we recommend you take your diving skills to the next level with the Advanced Open Water Course.

Here are some compelling reasons for you to take the course.

Dive Deeper

Once you’ve gained the advanced open water certification, you’ll be able to dive to much greater depths. A regular open water diver can dive to about 18 meters, whereas an advanced open water diver has an extended depth of up to 30 meters, almost double the amount!


Opens up new dive courses

With the added depth, knowledge and water skills gained in the advanced open water course, you’ll have access to other specialty diving courses. These include night diving, wreck diving and much more. Some of the specialty dives (as well as certain dive sites) require you to have the certification before you can participate in them. So, make sure you get yours before jumping into the specialty dives!


Gain confidence

By completing this course, you’ll have taken the next step to becoming a better and more competent diver. The water skills and environmental awareness you’ll gain from the course will increase your confidence underwater, as well as make you a safer diver.


Sharpen skills

You’ll be learning and mastering your existing skills as well as gaining new skills, such as buoyancy control, navigation and environmental awareness. These are lifelong skills you’ll take with you on your diving excursions wherever you go. Think of it as an investment for yourself and your safety while diving.

Are you planning to take the Advanced Open Water course in Bali? Have a chat with our PADI Certified divers at Blue Season Bali! We’ll get you started and you’ll soon be on your way to your next diving adventure!

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