15 Oct

Are you team black or team clear?


So, I wanted to buy a dive mask and I asked my friends, who are all Divemasters or IDC students, about their opinion. I figured they would know what’s best, right? Little did I know that my question would start a huge debate about which dive masks are better – the ones with a black skirt or the ones with a clear skirt?

Here are reasons to be on team clear!

The main reason to be on this team is the visibility. Many new divers get a clear skirt mask because they minimize the claustrophobic feeling some people get when they wear a mask. A clear silicone skirt, produces a very open airy feel and you can see when something is moving even if it is not right in front of you.  The clear silicone allows more light into the mask which is good, if you want to take pictures of yourself.  Furthermore, you can wear it on the surface without worrying about getting a raccoon face tan line.


Here are reasons to be on team black!

You look like a ninja! Okay, through the black one do look pretty cool they also come with better benefits than just their look. While the model often wears a clear skirt mask, the photographer often wears black, because not so much light which can cause reflection comes in.  Which means, you can take pictures under the water without distraction! Clear silicone tends to discolour going more opaque in nature and often yellow when it is in the sun or salt water after a while. Black silicone does not have that problem!

Those were just a few benefits of both kind of skirt colours. To summarise, if you plan to be a dive professional and you want to take many pictures  a dive mask with a black skirt is probably better for you . If you do not plan to go diving that often in a year a clear skirt is absolutely fine and allows more light into your mask.

The most important fact you should consider when you want to buy a new dive mask is simply, which suits you and your needs best. Try out booth kinds when you are at a shop or ask a friend if you can try out his mask.

What team are you on and why? Leave a comment below!

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