11 Apr

Padang Bai – an underestimated dive site


Blue Lagoon Padang Bai BaliBesides the noisy south, Padang Bai is a small fishing village located in the east of Bali – just a 50 minutes ride away from Sanur. Providing some awesome dive sites especially for experienced divers:

Dive Sites

Blue Lagoon – the most famous dive site of Padang Bai. Especially photographers and beginners love this dive site, because of its crystal clear water, stunning marine life and huge corals just a few meters away from the beach.

Jepun – Home to the famous Sea Horse, Juvenile Cuttle Fish and a host of healthy marine life – this site is very popular with divers and snorkelers alike. The shallow reef can be home to Juvenile Reef Sharks so keep your eye out for these shy little sharks.

The Jetty the underwater photographers dream dive site. This site is home to Frog Fish, Ornate Ghost Pipe Fish, Blue Gurnards an array of beautifully coloured Nudibranch, File Fish, Puffer Fish as well as the resident bait ball that swarms between the Jettys pillars.

Gili Mimpang also known as ‘Shark Point’, is (surprise) the best place to see some Sharks in Bali. Furthermore it is common to see schools of Angelfish, Sweet Lips,  Napoleon Wrasse as well as Black Rays, Leopard Shark and White Tip Reef Sharks. It’s also possible to see Mola Mola during high season (Jul-Oct). Due to the fresh and cold water the reef is in excellent health and provides a good visibility around 20-30 meters. This site can experience very strong currents and is only open to experienced divers.

Gili Tepekong – after a 15 minutes boat ride you will arrive on one of the most impressive dive sites in Bali. Great walls, the canyon, strong currents coupled with superb coral and marine life are waiting for you! The currents bring in a lot of fresh water so you can normally expect a visibility around 25 meters. This site can experience very strong currents and is only open to experienced divers.

Have you already been to Padang Bai and explored one of these awesome dive sites? Let us know in the comments below!

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