14 Sep

How Divers Can Conserve the Ocean

Freediving is a fun way to explore the underwater world, but did you know that it’s also a great way to help conserve the ocean and marine life? Most freedivers do this by spreading awareness with their underwater photos and videos which, once shared and seen on social media, creates the desired impact that then leads to action being taken.

Anyone can freedive, even without any background, experience or training in this area. As a freediver, you could contribute to the conservation of the oceans by conducting reef check-ups and spreading awareness and information about conservation, and so much more.

conserve the ocean

Freediving is a low impact and low maintenance activity. This means it is a sustainable way to interact with the ocean. As you explore the underwater world using just fins and snorkeling equipment, you’ll leave very little or no impact and almost zero disturbance to the marine life. You might wonder how you could help with the conservation of the ocean with just fins and a snorkel, and questions might pop to mind like, how deep can you go and how long can you stay underwater without oxygen?

The trick is to keep practising. The more you train your body, the more natural it will feel to you to freedive for longer periods of time. Freediving allows you to create a special bond with the underwater marine life all around you and this creates self-awareness. This is important because your self- awareness will allow you to convey an authentic message to everyone around you. Your personal experiences freediving underwater is what will fuel your desire, which will raise the awareness needed to protect the environment.

Thanks to increasing popularity, freediving and freedrivers will continue to conserve the ocean with each and every dive. More and more freedivers are looking to educate and empower as many people as possible towards the one single goal of protecting the ocean. Some of these include William Winram , Hanli Prinsloo and Kapit Sisid.

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