11 Jan

The Best Coral Reefs in Bali

Coral reefs are home to the most abundant and beautiful marine life and fauna on the planet. Their sublime beauty just cannot be fully conveyed through images or videos alone. Not only are they beautiful, but they serve an instrumental role of housing the underwater ecosystem wherever they grow. Check out our list of the best coral reefs in Bali:


Tulamben Coral Gardens in Bali


coral garden tulamben


Located 300 meters from the USAT Liberty Shipwreck, Coral Gardens in Tulamben is home to an abundant species of marine life. Perfect visibility, with virtually no current makes it a perfect destination for relaxing dives or beginners or those who want to snorkel.

Divers can expect to find statues and wireframe planes placed here by the Bali diving community to promote the growth of coral and seaweed for the marine life to claim as their new home.

The most popular sights to see are the vibrantly colored ribbon eels that often hide in between the corals. Other sightings include friendly Reef Sharks, Humphead Parrotfish, Coral Shrimps and the Blue-Ringed Octopus. Not to mention the schools of fish that breeze by in the thousands in numbers. In fact, divers often have to push the fish away to make a path to swim through.


Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan


coral reef nusa penida bali


These beautiful islands are host to a number of incredible dive sites. Home to the infamous Mola Mola and Manta Rays. These reefs are bursting with healthy eco systems and marine life.

These sites can be more challenging as they are often prone to surge or current. However it is this surge and current that bring in vital nutrients that feed the coral reef systems. Making them some of the healthies and vast coral reef systems in the world.


Padang Bai


coral reef padang bai bali


The waters of Padang Bai are a myriad of healthy corals and sea life. This area is very well know for the unusual. Home to the Frog Fish, Wobbegong Shark and Ornate Ghost Pipe Fish, these coral reefs are bursting with surprises for the avid photographer, beginner diver or snorkeler.


Menjangan Island


coral reef menjangan

Image Source: Flickr – Ferdi de Gier


Looking for something different? Head up to North Bali to the undiscovered beauty of Menjangan Island. The coral reef systems here offer something completely different to the rest of Bali. The reefs around Menjangan Island are covered in giant fans, hard coral systems and long extending walls. Menjangan is also where you can find the elusive Mandarin Fish, their mating happens usually right around dusk in Bajul Bay.


The waters of Bali are in no shortage of marine life and fauna. The combination of clear waters and pleasant temperatures makes for a gratifying underwater experience. Plan your diving trip with Blue Season Bali’s experienced dive team.

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