Time flies when you’re training to be a PADI Instructor! The nice thing about the 28 day IDC program at Blue Season Bali is that in addition to the IDC portion of the course there is also an “IDC Prep” which covers all the things...

I had the opportunity to interview two of our past "Best Dive Job in The World" contest winners, Kenzo Kiren (2011 winner) and Marlies Tumolo (2012 winner) about their 7 month's "Zero to Hero" - PADI scuba diving internships program in Bali So, get out from all those traveling paper work, course list, and all the prep hanging above your head and scroll down.

Find out how Marlies & Kenzo made the best of their time here in Bali...

[caption id="attachment_489" align="alignright" width="259"]kenzo_rice_field Rice Terrace in Bali[/caption]

1. Expect a Cultural Adventure. Sampling the culture is something Marlies looked forward to on her free time. "There are so many things to see in Bali; the colorful ceremonies and rice paddies are breathtaking, the culture is rich," She explained. "My suggestion is to take time and explore when you are not diving, and you will never be disappointed!" Check out the rice field photo Kenzo took when he was on his way heading for a dive trip in Tulamben.

2. Expect a Revolution (in Traffic Attitude) "Get a scooter (motorbike) and explore!" as Kenzo stated the best way to explore Bali. You can also rent a car if you're going with a group of people, or rent a bicycle if you can't ride a motorbike. But motorbike is surely the most popular for daily transportation needs. The revolutionary thing about riding motorbike in Bali is that the traffic situation is unlike any other places in the world. You have to be prepared for things you've never experienced before. The road could change into something of a wild wild west situation with motorbike riders roam the streets like cowboys. Police checks are a bit of a routine, so please prepare yourself with an international driver's license so you won't be having any trouble. And don't forget that in Bali, we ride on the left side.

On December 2012, Blue Season Bali did a beach cleanup in Menjangan National Park, located in northwest of Bali. The team left the dive center and headed to Menjangan on December 1st, 2012 and had three days of cleaning (and diving of course). Lothar Schopp, one of our Dive Master Trainee that time, shared us his story.

Monthly Clean-up in Menjangan

Menjangan-Beach-Cleanup-with-Blue-Season-BaliParticipants: Ronston, Tim (eco interns), Sean, Juri, Lothar (DMTs), Fumie (MSDT intern) & Niels (eco internship manager)

We took the bus heading for Menjangan nice and early and after a minor hick up involving the driving past the pie shop and the subsequent stop at Mc Donalds to feed the hungry hordes, we were on our way. Upon arrival in the Menjangan National Park - named after the not so elusive Menjangan Deer to be found there - some welcome drinks as well as a delicious lunch at The Bali Tower gave us a first idea of the sort of accommodation we would call home for the next few days: a five star level luxury resort. This first impression got reinforced impressively when we arrived at what can only be described as a mansion; three buildings in the middle of the jungle, 3 bedrooms the immaculate state of which was watched carefully by the extremely helpful and friendly staff and an infinity pool overlooking the bay. Enough said! Needless to say, that we, humble interns, weren't used to such luxury. We did, however, enjoy the amenities quite quickly if only briefly.

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