26 Jan

My First Open Water Course!

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It’s official, I have certified my first PADI Open Water student! I must admit that I entered my first course feeling rather nervous but I ended up having a blast and at the end of course I felt like a real PADI Instructor! The one thing that often causes trouble for new instructors is figuring out how to structure the course so that it is fun for the student but also time efficient. I was lucky enough to have Platinum Course Director Ikuma helping out which allowed me to learn some really valuable organizational tips which made the course fly by.

My first student was an absolute pleasure and I feel like I’ve been completely spoilt from the beginning. Thijmen (from the Netherlands) breezed through every skill without hesitation in both the confined sessions in the pool and our 4 open water dives in Sanur and on the Liberty Wreck in Tulamben. He was also a whiz at the Knowledge Reviews and aced all the quizzes as well as the final exam. It was so nice to see his excitement as he got to experience the underwater world for the first time and once again, I was reminded of how amazing the diving around Bali truly is.

I really do have a pretty cool job here at Blue Season Bali. Not only do I get to dive every day with a great company but I get to introduce a whole new world to people from around the globe on a daily basis. It sure beats sitting in an office all day…well I guess I do spend the day in an “office” of sorts but unlike most people, my office is full of fish!

Me and my first official Open Water student, Thijmen from the Netherlands!
Me and my first official Open Water student, Thijmen from the Netherlands!

Interested in trading in your business suit for a wetsuit? Your desktop for a dive computer? What are you waiting for? Go Pro in Bali and live the dream!! I’ll see you when you get here!

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