04 Aug

Last Day of IDC Prep

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Time flies when you’re training to be a PADI Instructor! The nice thing about the 28 day IDC program at Blue Season Bali is that in addition to the IDC portion of the course there is also an “IDC Prep” which covers all the things we need to know in order to rock our way through the IE. In addition to practice exams, theory review, CV workshops and in class delivery of PADI knowledge seminars, during the IDC Prep we also learned how to fix basic equipment problems and fill SCUBA cylinders. Today James and I finished up the prep section of our program by completing  our EFR Instructor course.  Thanks to the expert guidance of Stefan and Chris we are now fully certified to teach EFR Primary, Secondary and Care for Children.  Course Director Stefan and Staff Instructor Chris did a great job of keeping things upbeat and fun as we bandaged, poked, proded and assessed our way through the day.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of our official IDC program with Platinum Course Director Jonathan Cross. We’re not even half way through our 28 days and already will have had access to two Course Directors and a staff instructor. It really makes a difference to be able to access different perspectives on being an instructor and see different approaches to conducting a PADI dive course. I’m eager to get back in the water and put all of the knowledge I’ve acquired over the last week into practice. Only 11 days before the mock IE…. Time to hit the books…(again)

The problem with taking things apart is that they have to be put back together again…
bandaging 101
Newly certified EFR Instructor James demonstrates the latest in bandaging and EFR care for children skills.

Learn more about Blue Season Bali’s 28 IDC program HERE

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