08 Nov

Diving Safari: Explore Bali’s Top Diving Sites in 12 Days

 Are you planning on diving safari at Bali’s top dive sites, but have less than two weeks to explore them all?

Do you have a passion for diving that runs through your veins?

You need to try out our Diving Safari. With a complete and exciting itinerary, in just 12 days you have time to explore all the top dive sites in Bali. Our highly trained guides will show you around the north, north-east, and eastern seas of Bali — very popular destinations for divers around the world.

Explore coral reefs, get up close with manta rays, and uncover a shipwreck. If you don’t want to waste time on planning, Blue Season Bali has you covered with our new package: The Full Monty.

Diving Safari

Why it’s the best package for you

Let’s face it. Bali is big, and it’s near impossible to create a clean itinerary to explore all the top dive sites in under two weeks. You need lots of research, which kind of takes the fun out it and you want to be bursting with excitement once you get here!

So, save your energy and all the fuss. We have the itinerary, the equipment, the transport, the accommodation and the guide to get you a full picture of what diving is like in Bali. Let us do the planning for you, and we’ll let you know all the costs upfront so you don’t even need to bring your wallet to the dive sites (fish have no use for money anyway).

What you can do with all the free time is prepare yourself for diving almost every day (and occasionally night). It’s going to be exhilarating, so focus your energy on things that really matter.

What to expect

Expect a total of nine guided dives, across ten dive sites, in five locations around the northern and eastern coasts of Bali. You just need to show up with your suitcase.  We’ll provide free transfers from the airport to all the places on the Safari, and return you to the airport (or accommodation of your choice) at the end of the tour.

On the north-west coast, near the Balinese National Park peninsula, the Menjangan Island is home to a variety of eels — the site itself is dubbed the “Eel Garden”. On the north-east coast, at Tulamben, you can explore the historic remnants of the lost USAT Liberty. See the wreck during the day or night — it’s up to you. Get a chance to dive near Amed beach which you may have heard about from fellow divers as one of the most biologically diverse corals in south-east Asia. You’ll get a chance to see sharks and sea turtles. At Padang Bai in the east, look out for one of the most intelligent sea animals, the cuttlefish. Catch up with gliding manta rays in Nusa Penida, and if you are lucky, get up close to the iconic giant sunfish.

What you need to bring

As mentioned before, all you need to do is show up at the airport with your suitcase, your diving certification card and logbook (these are a must). You are of course welcome to bring your own equipment. We can help clean the equipment at the end of every day, and store them in a safe place. Book now Diving Safari trip by filling out our enquiry form, or call us directly at +62-361-270-852.

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