26 Jun

DMT Intern Morning Dares

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Intern daily dares

Several times a year Blue Season Bali in partnership with PADI Project AWARE holds fundraising events to raise money and awareness for various eco projects and environmental campaigns. Recently, we held a “finathon” to raise money for two important projects here in Bali and around the world. First, Blue Season Bali is sponsoring the creation of an artificial reef to be installed at Dog’s Point, one of the local dive sites here in Sanur. Local school children competed to design a reef which we will construct, install and maintain. Our second goal was to raise as much money as possible to support Project AWARE’s campaign against shark finning.

As part of our fundraising program, in the weeks leading up to the finathon interns were asked to complete daily dares in the hopes of inspiring our guests to donate a little money to the cause each morning. Thanks to our imaginative (and slightly vindictive) Divemaster intern managers, our mornings were filled with various embarrassing tasks and luckily for the sharks, a few extra dollars in the fundraising pot.  Below are just a few pictures of our morning dares. Not included are the mornings we had to serve guests talking like pirates or Yoda, the morning we had to speak everything in the form of a song, the morning we had to end every sentence with “woof!” or the morning that myself, Nuria and Abbey had to perform a rousing rendition of “Afternoon Delight” complete with dance moves for a group of eager guests.

One morning all the interns were made to serve guests coffee and tea in piggy back. Here Casper and Markus give Edwin and Ardi a helping hand during morning refreshments.
A few lucky guests even manged to get a free piggy back tour of the Blue Season Bali dive centre thanks to TJ
The Casper/Tommy bikini moped wash was also a big money raiser. Who in their right mind could resist a bike wash by these two lovely gentlemen?
Divemaster Intern Manager Henley surrendered his right side as a canvas (for a small fee of course)
Casper showing his endless support for the sharks by volunteering to be “toilet tissue man” one morning.

We managed to raise quite a bit of money for our reef project and our sharky friends so in the end it was worth the embarrassment.


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  • Joanne Noelene
    Posted at 4:56 pm, 02 Jul Reply

    All in all we raised a whopping Rp 32 million (about USD3000) so thank you Blue season bali interns and instructors for all your sacrifices 😉

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