16 Nov

Doing the PADI Open Water Diver: 4 days to change your life

PADI Open Water Diver in Bali

I must say: I was expecting a lot from doing my Open Water Diver in Bali. That it would end as one of the best adventures I’ve ever had, I didn’t know! I can only recommend doing the course as you will learn so much about diving and discover a whole new world! Let me explain how you will experience your 4 days during doing the Open Water Diver with Blue Season Bali:


Day 1

It might not seem very spectacular to start your Open Water Diver with a theory lesson, but it will help you so much to become a responsible diver. You’ll be able to enjoy diving safely and as a result have a lot more fun than you would without! In the afternoon, after an empowering lunch at the dive centre, the real fun begins! You’ll go into the pool with one of our experienced instructors. They will teach you a lot of Open Water Diver skills that you got to know during theory – first in the dry and then in the water. Take your first deep breath underwater and enjoy how it is to feel free like a fish!


Day 2

The second day of your Open Water Diver in Bali will be quite similar to the first one. You’ll finish the theory in the morning and take your final exam. Don’t worry – there was no one who didn’t make it, yet. Just take your time and when you’re finished hop into the pool again. You’ll get to know more skills underwater and feel more and more comfortable. Now you’ve finished the Confined Dives for the Open Water Diver. Time to get some sleep and prepare for the ocean!


Day 3

This will be exciting! When you do your Open Water Diver with Blue Season Bali you’ll probably go to the divesites Padang Bai and Tulamben (depending on the conditions on those days). When I did my course we went to Padang Bai first. This divesite is perfect for a first dive. As you’ll get friends with Nemo and Co. you’ll repeat the most important skills you’ve learned about during your pool sessions. The instructors will always make sure you’re safe and enjoy your underwater time! You’ll have lunch in a lovely restaurant at the beach after your first two dives and head back to Blue Season Bali afterwards.


Day 4

Another day of discovering Bali’s ocean! Get to know the USAT Liberty ship wreck in Tulamben and the great variety of marine life down there! You’ll see Moral Eels, Barracudas and maybe even a ray! After your third dive in Bali you’ll have an amazing lunch. Afterwards you’re ready for the last dive of the course! Explore the wreck a bit more and get back to the surface as a new Open Water Diver! You’re now certified to go diving on your own with a buddy. Fill in your PADI logbook as you get back to Blue Season Bali, have an ice cream with us and enjoy having the privilege of exploring a whole new world.

Did you do your Open Water Diver already or got curious about doing it in Bali? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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