12 Feb

Five (5) best eco practices for scuba divers

5-best-eco-pracrice-scuba-diverA huge problem – doesn’t necessarily need a radical solution. Scuba Diving is such an enthralling activity that involves lots of practice and fair amount of knowledge in order to fully enjoy what the ocean has to offer. As our skills and knowledge improve, we will be able to explore the beauty of the underwater more and more. While also improving your diving skills, the process of ‘getting to know the ocean’, usually leads to growing more concerned about the ecosystem’s condition.

So how is the individual person able to assist in this matter? There are quite a few great deeds which can be done. Below are a selected handful of things which can be done to keep the ocean awesome:

  • Dive carefully – Probably the most common way a scuba diver does harm to the ecosystem is by not maintaining good buoyancy control. My advice is to practice lots in sandy areas before heading to coral rich sites – a few inches of coral can take years to grow!
  • Keep your dive skills sharp through continuing education. If you don’t dive often, make sure you refresh your skills and knowledge with a PADI Scuba Review. Consider a Specialty course like the Peak Performance Buoyancy course, or the Project AWARE Coral Reef Conservation course, these are all great ways to be conscientious divers.
  • Be a role model for other divers and non-divers. As divers we do see the results of carelessness and neglect underwater. Remember that your behavior, especially if you are a PADI Divemaster or Instructor, if often mirrored by others.
  • Be an eco-tourist. Make informed decisions when selecting a dive destination. Choose Project AWARE Environmental operators and look out for dive centers with PADI Green Star Award. Also, please don’t collect souvenirs like corals or shells.
  • Get involved! Team up with your local dive center and join an underwater or beach cleanup. You can also help conduct CoralWatch surveys or Reef checks and submit the data for scientific research.

So, if you have been enjoying the ocean, you should be contributing at least to 5 things I’ve mentioned above. Even a small and simple act done with consciousness can help to save our ocean 🙂

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