11 Sep

Foggy Mask: Why and What To Do

The scuba mask is one of the most important tools for any diver. Without a mask, a diver wouldn’t be able to see clearly or navigate themselves underwater, let alone enjoy the fantastic underwater views. The scuba mask also helps water to stay out of a diver’s nose while allowing their eyes to focus properly.

foggy mask

A good mask is absolutely essential and really worth the investment. A scuba mask is different to any other type of mask as they’re made with silicon and tempered glass to withstand pressure underwater. Even so, a mask can still fog up during a dive and this can really dampen a diver’s spirit and ruin the entire experience.

Here’s why a mask would suddenly fog and what you can do about it;

Air contains water vapours which cause condensation, even the air in your scuba mask. Even in warmer parts of the world, the air inside your scuba mask is actually warmer than the water outside. The warm air inside your mask hits the cool lens and turns back into liquid.

Most divers have found their own preferred remedy for a foggy mask – some spit onto the lens while others use anti-fog drops. These are good options, because if you create an extremely smooth and slick surface on your lense, the water vapours won’t be able to cling it and instead slide down the mask and form a puddle, leaving you with clear and unobstructed vision for an amazing dive!

New scuba masks will easily turn foggy due to manufacturing residue. A good way to fix this is to rub toothpaste on the inside of the lens with your fingers or a cloth and leave it there for a few minutes or overnight. Be gentle while removing the toothpaste so you don’t scratch the glass. You can also try flaming the inside of the lens using a lighter or candle. Once the lens turns totally black, wait for it to cool down before wiping it clean..

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