15 May

Bali IDC course for FREE & more birthday surprises

Blue Season Bali’s Directors are celebrating their birthdays!

Wakaba Toyoma turns 35 today (Yes we women continue celebrating our birthdays but don’t keep track after we hit 35) &  Mark Giles will celebrate his big 50th next week. In honor of them, we’ll be celebrating their double birthdays in a very special way.

1. The first 20 to book a DM internship will be entitled to an IDC course for free
Now for those of you that have been following our professional IDC blog, I know we’ve discussed if there is such a thing as a free Divemaster course , but hey sometimes we just love being that outrageously generous birthday girl that buys a round of free drinks for the bar, or in this case –20 instructor courses on the house.

2. Liberty Wreck fun dives at a steal!
Tulamben is one of Wakaba’s favorite dive sites, and since she’s turning well um 35, we’ve deemed it fit to offer 35% off for all shipwreck lovin’ divers like Wakaba-san. If you are keen on adding another day of diving for Manta Rays, well we have an offer for that too 🙂

Drop us a comment below or send us an email to diving@blueseasonbali.com if you’d like more information

Finally, a well wish from the entire Blue Season Bali team to Wakaba & Mark

Wakaba: One more year has gone by, but don’t worry you are becoming more graceful & charming by the day. So just chill, enjoy some birthday cake and celebrate your special day with your beloved team. Have a nice birthday dear!

Mark: We’re looking forward to the big 50th bash – I guess you won’t mind us skipping the cake and just move on straight to the bar?

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