07 Oct

Further Adventures in Tulamben

Further Adventures in Tulamben during the Advanced Open Water course | Best Dive Job Blog by Joe Zeiler

The Advanced Open Water Course with Blue Season Bali takes place over two days. In one of my previous posts I told you a bit about the first day of Thomas’ Advanced Course in Nusa Penida. For day 2, further adventures in Tulamben followed and we completed two dives on the USAT Liberty wreck and the adjacent coral garden.

In order to become a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver it is necessary to complete 5 dives, 2 of which must be Deep and Underwater Navigation,  For Thomas’  3 additional dives he chose Drift, Underwater Naturalist and Wreck.  Having completed Deep, Drift and Underwater Naturalist on day 1, it was now time to do a little navigating and a bit of wreck exploration!

Day 2 – Tulamben

Dive 1 – USAT Liberty Wreck – Wreck Adventure Dive – Here at Blue Season Bali we are lucky to have a world famous 120 metre long WWII wreck practically in our backyard. What better place to complete a wreck adventure dive! On this dive we explored the wreck while identifying potential hazards and points of interest. It’s important when diving on a wreck to understand how to do so safely, the wreck adventure dive is a great introduction to the world of wreck diving

Dive 2- Coral Garden – Underwater Navigation Dive – The underwater world can at times be a confusing place.  Visibility and current can affect our orientation and sometimes we get so involved in looking at marine life that we don’t watch where we are going. Being a good underwater navigator is a great way to avoid getting lost underwater. For this dive Thomas used an underwater compass to navigate various headings and find his way back to where he started. He also learned “natural navigation” by looking at underwater landmarks such as coral, sand ripples, and stationary objects. Considering I am writing this from the Blue Season office, I am happy to report that Thomas successfully navigated us back to our exit point!

Congratulations to Thomas on his Advanced Open Water certification!! Eager to put his new license to good use, he’s now off to the Gili Islands to explore their advanced sites. Way to go Thomas!

Two small divers, one big wreck.
Two small divers, one big wreck. Thomas and I exploring the USAT Liberty Wreck

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