09 Jul

Health Benefits of Scuba Diving

Experienced divers would know that scuba diving is a very relaxing and fun activity. But diving is more than just fun, it is actually very good for your health! Scuba diving can have many advantages, so we described 5 health benefits of scuba diving

  1. Physical fitness

We’ll start off the list with the most obvious of all – scuba diving as a work out. It is proven that in one hour of scuba diving you burn abound 500 calories, which is as much as a one hour work out on cardio in the gym! Because of the natural resistance of water you train your muscles moving around, and you probably don’t even notice. While you are looking around and enjoying the marine life, you train your core, back muscles and glutes, effortlessly! Not to mention when you have to carry all your tanks and weights, which is basically the same as lifting weights.

  1. Healing effects

Especially when diving in tropical environments, being in and around the waters has many benefits. For one, you are most likely in the sun before and after your dives. Sunshine supplies the body with Vitamin D, increased endorphin and drops blood pressure. Vitamin D is important because of many things, from strengthening your bones to how fertile you are to how well you recover from workouts. Increased endorphin gives you that ‘’feel good’’ feeling.

Most dives will take place in salt water as well, which has great health benefits. It can improve you immune system and is great for your skin. Swimming in sea water helps open your pores and allows your skin to absorb the sea minerals and removal of disease-causing toxins from your body.

  1. Meditation

Scuba diving often can be used as a form of meditation. As you know, one of the most important thing with diving is to keep your breathing under control. If you breathe deep and slowly you will have most fun and will save more air, which means you’ll spend longer below the surface.

Breathing slowly and deeply allows you to get into a calm, relaxing state of mind. This contributes to a positive attitude and can prevent depression. It also means that you are increasing your oxygen intake, which stimulates circulation, raises energy levels and benefits heart and lung function.

  1. Encounter marine life

Animals are natural mood enhancers, and that includes marine life as well. Being up close to marine life and instructorsection-leftside-rectangle-300x200

While learning how to dive you are also becoming more aware of how critical the ocean is for life on earth. You might even create more awareness for others as well! By experiencing the underwater life yourself you are probably more involved with the environment, which could mean a lot for the future of our oceans.

  1. Social health benefits.

You always have a buddy with you while diving. This means that you’re not on
y responsible for yourself, but for someone else as well. You and your buddy have to keep communicating underwater. You also learn to stay calm at all times, which can help you in your everyday life during stressful situations. Also, you meet new people while diving and you share the same passion. I met a lot of my best friends while diving! You share some wonderful memories together, which can be a solid base for a long lasting friendships.

So next to the fact that diving is one of our favourite things to do (surprise!), it also brings a lot of benefits! Diving often will contribute to a healthy lifestyle and self-containment. So, when will your next trip be? Book your trip now!

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