29 Sep

How To Store and Maintain Your Scuba Diving Gear

list of things to note on how to maintain your scuba diving gear.

Scuba diving can be expensive, especially for scuba enthusiasts who are invested in the sport and consider it a serious past time. There are plenty of costs to consider including license, lessons, and trips. Those who are in it for the long-term will invest in their own scuba gear and this can cause quite the dent in your bank account. In addition, scuba gear is always exposed to harsh elements like sun, sand, and salt and when not cared for properly, you’ll soon have an expensive repair bill on your hands.

A good way to avoid having to constantly fork out chunks of money for your scuba gear is to make sure that you clean and store your gear properly. Here are some tips on how you can do this.

Rinse your gear with freshwater or tap water after every dive

As mentioned above, the combination of salt, sand, and sun will corrode your scuba gear. Remember to rinse your gear off with freshwater or cold tap water to protect them against corrosion. It is also important to remove all sand and other particles from your gear to keep it in top-notch condition. Never rinse your gear with chlorinated pool water as this can be even more damaging than seawater.

Store in dry, airy spaces away from direct sunlight

It’s good to keep your gear in dim or dark spaces but these spaces should not be wet or damp. Your gear needs to dry out properly to be in great condition. Don’t just leave them in a pile – hang or organize them so that everything has its own individual space. Once your gear is completely dry, you can return them to their respective storage bags or containers.  Remember, leaving your gear in direct sunlight will also damage them – UV rays will damage everything it touches and this includes your expensive scuba gear.

Hang your wetsuits inside out

The best way to dry your wetsuit is to turn it inside out as this will make it less prone to UV damage. This particular tip is also a handy trick as it ensures that the inside of your suit will be dry even if the outside isn’t. Don’t use thin wire or metal hangers to hang your suit as metal can rust and thin wire hangers will alter the shape of your suit.

Be gentle

Never, ever throw your gear or computer onto the floor or on any hard surface. You’ll risk breaking the equipment and/or the components and be left instead with a hefty repair bill and no gear for your next dive. Placing your gear on the floor will also put your equipment at risk of being stepped on. Remember that your scuba gear needs regular servicing.

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