12 May

Mola Mola Fun Facts

Mola Mola Fun Facts

You might have heard about the Sunfish (or Moonfish in some other languages) before,  but see if you know these few things…


  1. Mola Mola can be as big as 3.5m long (like we saw early this month in PED!), but the newly hatched fish is only 2.5 mm long.
  2. Mola Mola’s favourite food is jellyfish, but as it is a nutritionally poor diet, they need to eat a lot of it.
  3. As the heaviest known bony fish in the world, Mola Mola is weighed around 1 ton (2,200 lbs), though the bigger ones can get up to 2,3 ton (5,300 lbs). That is one BIG fish.
  4. Their sunbathing behaviour during the season is considered by researchers as a method of ‘warming up’ following deeper dives in cold water. This sunbathing habit on the surface earned them the name ‘Sunfish’. Even our snorkelers sometimes get a glimpse of the sight on the surface.
  5. Many other languages such as French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, and Russian refer to it as the ‘Moonfish’ for its round shape.
  6. Mola Mola can jump out of the water (and yes, they landed on top of boats in the past!) but overall is a very docile animal and pose no threat to divers.  They’re sometimes curious and even come closer to them!

These basic fun facts about the big fish should prepare you for the season. We’ve compiled a few more fun facts about Mola Mola, just contact us, and if you think you’re ready to meet them in person (or see them again, for some of you), then make sure you’re taking advantage of our Early Bird Specials. See you here in Bali!

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