22 Aug

MSDT Prep on Drift and Deep Specialty Courses

Best Dive Job Blog | MSDT Prep on Drift and Deep Specialty Courses

Today we spent the second day of our MSDT prep course at Nusa Penida learning how to teach the drift and deep specialty courses. One of the perks of the MSDT prep is that we had our own private boat today! Just 5 of us on our own which meant we got to choose the sites we wanted to dive, the times and the types of diving we wanted to do. So, we decided to head to a challenging site that we don’t dive very often called “Blue Corner”.  Blue Corner is an amazing drift dive site that is famous for eagle rays, sharks and mola-mola. It’s also famous for its strong and sometimes unpredictable currents, which is why we only dive it when the conditions are perfect and the divers on the boat are suitably experienced.

The dive was fast and furious but beautiful as well. Although we didn’t see the eagle rays or sharks Blue Corner is famous for, we did meet up with a large sea turtle, an enormous marble ray and my favorite,  the Napoleon Wrasse! Of course it wasn’t all fun diving, we learned how to control a group in strong current and teach different entry and exit techniques for drift diving. Our second and third dives were at Crystal Bay where we practiced teaching deep navigation skills and demonstrating how pressure affects different items under water. We also fit in a bit of mola-mola hunting. Unfortunately my mola-mola losing streak remains intact and I have yet to see one

Blue Season’s other boat which was diving with guests at the same site fared much better however and they managed to spot not one but FOUR molas over two dives at the same site.

MSDT Prep on Drift and Deep Specialty Courses
Bali Ocean Boat

And so the hunt continues…

Tomorrow we complete our MSDT Prep with O2 Provider and Nitrox teaching specialties and intro to Tec diving. Stay tuned to see how I handle a set of twin tanks!

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