22 Feb

Melissa’s Top Five (5) ‘photogenic’ dive spots in Bali

If you are an underwater photography freak like me, diving spots Bali is simply heaven. Have a look at my top picks and great photo objects.

1. Tulamben – Night dive on the USAT Liberty Wreck

Located just 40 meters off the shore, the USAT Liberty wreck in Tulamben is one of the easiest dive spot in the world. With a depth range from just below the surface down to 30 meters, even the open water divers can enjoy the sight of this wreck. There is a the great variety of fish and invertebrate life around the wreck and the Tulamben area ranging from tiny exotic macro subjects to schooling jacks and huge bumphead parrot fish.

2. Kubu – (not) just another wreck


Kubu wreck is the newest wreck in Bali . it’s about 5 to 10 minutes from Tulamben. This wreck is for Advance Open Water divers because the shallower part of this wreck is about 20-21 meters up to 32 meters. We can penetrate the wreck, and if we’re lucky, get to see schooling barracudas! Further weather and tide estimation is needed if you’re going to dive here, since the topography of this dive site is a sandy slope and the current is generally strong.

3. Manta Point, Nusa Penida


Seeing a Manta Ray dance around you is the single most amazing experience for a diver. Although the visibility level can be unpredictable because of the rich plankton waters that the mantas feed on, this is THE SPOT you want to be while looking for mantas. I’ve dived other ‘Manta points’ before and the chances of sightings are not nearly as good as in Nusa Penida. The topography of this dive site is sandy bottom and there’s a reef and big rock and wall at the end of the reef. The current is surge and swell depends on tide and wind. Maximum depth is about 27 -30 meters.

4. Crystal Bay – The name says it all! As clear as crystal

This is why so many divers flock Bali from July to October! They come by the hundreds to catch a glimse of the breath taking mola mola or oceanic sunfish. If you have a trip planned outside of mola mola season, I highly recommend heading here for dives because Crystal Bay is also famous for its dramatic limestone, beautiful reefs and walls. The topography is sloping reef up to more than 40 meters. The currents for this dive site is unpredictable, can change in a second from down current, drifting, up currents and flushing. This spot is obviously is for experienced divers. Taking picture in this site can be really exciting as the water can be so clear, that’s why they called it ‘crystal’ bay.

5. Seraya – The secret dive spot

For macro photography lovers, this dive site has numerous nudi branches with tongue twisting latin names and many weird and unusual critters. The topography of Seraya is sloping sandy with some artificial reef. The current is sometimes drifting. Make sure that you and your buddies have decent buoyancy when diving here, as the sandy bottom can ruin any picture-taking attempt when anyone kicks up the fine silt. Some pelagic or big objects are also known to make appearances here such as barracudas and whales.

So have you decided where to dive in Bali yet? Request for Melissa if you are ever heading to Bali, and I might be your dive guide on your next trip 🙂

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