26 Dec

My Mask Is Better than Your Mask

The first thing that will ruin your dive is wearing a mask that’s wrong for you. With so many dive masks on the market, each with its own set of features, why would you bother with a rental ? Invest in one you love and you will get so much more out of your diving. Here are 5 reasons my Aqua Lung Linea mask is the perfect one for me.

1. So Much SeeingLorena and her Mask at Surface teaching a Course

The clear skirt has to be the single most important feature I personally look for in a mask. It greatly enhances my peripheral vision, which is awesome because it means I don’t have to turn my neck so much to look for all the cool stuff underwater. That it’s a single lens is also fantastic because there’s no pesky piece of plastic in the middle of my face, blocking my vision. Obviously, being able to see things when I dive is super important.

2. So Much Tanning Evenly

Know what else the clear skirt is good for ? I can wear it on the surface of the water without worrying about getting a raccoon face tan line. Sure, divers who wear masks with a black skirt look kind of like Batman, and that’s inarguably cool. But I’d rather have the even tan. You know, for all those other hours I’m not donning a dive mask.

3. Such Easy AdMask underwaterjustments

My hair guard swivels so the strap sits on my head as low or as high as I tell it to. And tightening and loosening the strap is a cinch. Unlike with my old mask I can adjust my new one with one hand. Which is awesome because this means less time fussing with equipment when I’m diving and more time looking at adorable fishes.

4. Such Breezy Skills

And since we’re on the topic of not-so-fun things to do underwater, I waste much less time on skills now. This mask has a smaller nose pocket, so pinching my nostrils to equalize is cake. Being smaller and closer to my face means there is not much volume for it to flood with water. So if I do have to clear it, I have to clear less water than if I was wearing a higher-volume mask.

5. So CuteBlue Season Bali Instructors

Okay. This is maybe not as important as fit and comfort, but my mask sure is pretty. Let’s be real, that IS still important. I like the way it frames my face. I like that it’s black with hints of purple which means it matches my BCD and my boots perfectly. But I promise that wasn’t what I was expressly looking for in a mask.

I love my mask for all the other features listed above. That is just so happens to be super cute and fits with the rest of my diving ensemble, well let’s just call that serendipity.

Now let’s hear what you love about your dive mask or perhaps another piece of your dive equipment. Leave a comment below.


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