01 Feb

Why Padang Bai Jetty is Mo’s Favourite Divesite

The Padang Bai Jetty (We simply call it The “Jetty”) is an unusual diving site. The place is certainly not what you would normally think of when you picture Bali’s common dive sites. Usually when we talk about dive sites in Bali, turquoise waters, white or black beach shores, colorful coral reefs and an abundance of tropical fish would come to mind. Padang Bai Jetty is special. It is a fishing dock off the shore of Padang Bai and the water is usually murky and dark. There are fish skeletons on the sea bottom and fishing lines hanging down from the docks – but it has become my FAVOURITE dive site!!

Why, you may wonder….

It has some of the most interesting marine life that cannot easily be found elsewhere! In just the 3 times that I have dived the Jetty, I have seen frog fish, stick pipe fish, nudibraches of all shapes, sizes and colours, rhinopia, dragonnette, leaf scorpion fish, loads of octopus, flabellinas…this is just to name a few!

Come join our trip to the Jetty the next time you plan your diving holiday with us in Bali! You can expect to see something unusual and fascinating there 🙂 Contact us here.

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