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PADI Deep Specialty

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As part of the MSDT prep and MSDT programs here at Blue Season Bali, MSDT interns are certified in 10 instructor specialties. One of these is the PADI Deep Specialty . This is quite a popular course since it allows certified Advanced Open Water divers to dive to 40 meters (the maximum allowable depth for a recreational diver). Being able to dive to 40 meters not only opens the door to explore new sites (often wrecks are found deeper than 30 meters) but it also gives divers a chance to learn more about narcosis, safety contingencies and proper procedures when diving at depth.

I recently spent two days teaching 6 of our Divemaster interns their Deep Specialty on one of our intern overnight trips to Tulamben. The course consists of 4 dives so we completed the course over 2 days in two different dive sites

Day 1:  Dives 1 and 2 were completed at USAT Liberty wreck and were limited to 30 meters. In addition to checking out some of the deeper portions of the wreck we don’t usually see, we also learned about techniques used to dive deep safely as well as looking at depth affects colour and how pressure compresses different objects underwater.

Day 2: Dives 3 and 4 were completed at the “Tulamben Drop Off” and were capped at 40 meters depth. On these two dives the interns got to feel the full effects of nitrogen narcosis. Things really became clear when they were asked to do a timed number problem both on the surface and at depth. While some managed to complete the problem in about the same amount of time, others took twice as long or more to finish. This was a great example of how narcosis affects different people differently and was a good way for the interns to gauge how strong it affects them individually.

4 dives and a few knowledge reviews later, 6 of our interns are now certified PADI deep divers. Well Done!!

PADI Deep Specialty - 40 meters precisely.
40 meters precisely.

Interested in diving deep too? The PADI Deep Specialty can start any day here at Blue Season. Also check out our Tec Diving programs which allow you do dive to 50 meters are beyond!

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