26 Jan

Pygmy Seahorses in Amed

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When divers think about Bali dive sites, inevitably two sites will come up: Nusa Penida (Mola Mola and Manta territory) and Tulamben where you can dive the USAT Liberty wreck. Both these sites are amazing and not be missed but many people don’t know about some of Bali’s lesser known dive sites that offer breathtaking diving as well.

For me, the best diving in Bali isn’t in Nusa Penida or at the wreck in Tulamben, it’s in Amed.  Amed is a collection of several small coastal villages about 30 minutes south of Tulamben.  Much quieter than Tulamben, the dive sites here are often completely free of divers so we end up with the entire site to ourselves (talk about VIP level diving!)

Amed has quite a few different dive sites to choose from. There is a beautiful wall dive as well as an artificial reef that can be accessed from shore (great for night diving).  If you want to venture a bit farther out, hop on a jukung (a small traditional fishing boat) and head out to my favorite dive site in all of Bali – “Amed Pyramids”.  This site consists of several  pyramid shaped artificial reef structures made of concrete blocks. The structures have been there for a long time and are absolutely teeming with fish and macro life.

The true stars of this site are the pygmy seahorses. These tiny little critters average less than 2 cm and are so well camouflaged in their seafan homes that they are virtually impossible to find with an untrained eye.  Luckily, our local guides know just where to look and at a site like the pyramids you are pretty much guaranteed a sighting.

Given the choice between diving Tulamben, Penida or Amed, I would choose Amed handsdown. The sites are pristine, the fish are amazing and the pygmies are always waiting to say hello.

If you are interested in diving Amed or some of Bali’s other lesser known spots such as Seraya or Padang Bai, contact our reservations department to book a trip.  You won’t be disappointed and you’ll have plenty to brag to your friends about!

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