31 Oct

Renting or Buying Your Scuba Diving Gear

Diving is a wonderful and exciting way to explore a magical world below ground. The more you dive, the more comfortable you’ll get breathing underwater. You’ll also familiarize yourself with diving techniques as you grow your underwater skills. Eventually, you’ll probably start asking yourself if you should get your own scuba diving gear as opposed to renting or borrowing. Here are some important points you should consider before you take the next steps.

Why should I buy scuba diving gear when I can rent?

Scuba Diving Gear


Reliability & Safety

It’s easy to rent scuba diving gear – they are readily available at popular dive sites, but you can never get too familiar with rented diving gear which can pose a threat to your personal safety. A badly fitted BCD or a leaking mask will not only cause problems for you but will take away your dive buddies’ enjoyment while underwater. When you have your own gear, you’ll know exactly what needs fixing or upgrading and where all your accessories and your alternate air source are located.

Speeds Up The Learning Process

Once you have your own scuba diving gear, you’ll immediately familiarize yourself with everything as you learn each of your item’s functionalities. You’ll feel comfortable and confident, which will help you process your way to an open water environment. Novice divers don’t have to purchase all the gear at once; you can always start off with your very own mask, snorkel, regulator, fins and BC or Buoyancy Compensator. It’s a good idea to only buy the basics when you’re starting out, be very sure that you’re going to take scuba diving as a serious pastime before you invest in the rest of the gear.

Proper Fit & Comfort

Proper fit is not only about being comfortable while underwater, it also plays a major role in your personal safety. When you have your own scuba diving gear, you will make sure that everything fits you perfectly and you’ll service them regularly. You’ll be 100% responsible and accountable for your gear’s maintenance and upkeep, which allows you to detect any issues or problems upfront, therefore, ensuring your safety while underwater.

Time-Saving & Cost Saving

If you’re not a full-time scuba diver, you’re probably taking vacations to go on dive trips. Having your own scuba diving gear will help to save you time which you can use to explore myriad dive sites instead of trying on rental gear in the dive shops. You might think that it is a hassle to lug your scuba gear from one location to another so consider purchasing lightweight scuba gear that are suitable for travel. Renting scuba diving gear will also add up in the long run, so it will make sense to eventually buy your own set of gear.

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